Student Work Gallery



VFX student space image in production
VFX student work, scenery of a large building
VFX Student work: telephone development stages
VFX Student work: wall with green ivy in development stage
Robot character being lowered into a cave
Adam and Eve: Blue and white robot
Telephone and light in final stage
Seeker: Red and black Robot
Ancient tree with blue ice rising up the right hand side
VFX student image - Red Volkswagen
VFX student work, Drone
VFX student work, Hand


Tanturm Yoga Fire: Robot putting out another robot on fire
Boxbots: blue boxing robot
Animal lover: Worm with googly eyes
Little Gestures: Wooden mannequin
Home Sweet Home: sweets come to life
Hat shop: Yellow robot
Malloe - group of cartoon characters
Slushy: spilled blue slushy
Flame: Scared flame running
Wing: birds flying
Cartoon male eating celebration cake
Kiwi's Dream: elephant, flamingo and red stork characters

Game Art

Mexican house gate
Frozen power plant
Stone wall with large brown gate
Lake town harbour
Art gallery
Pagoda at night with lights
Dimmed lounge
Large stone hand on grass
Drago with dagger through its eye ball
Large hole in building
An artists desk
London scenery with Big Ben
Fountain in centre of village
Joker statue outside Joker theatre
London scene - rubble with damaged red telephone box

Motion Graphics

Rectangle and circular, purple and orange shapes
'Unblast' in red
Hands shaking
'Retro Geek, Project Escape' dark black and purple imagery
Black circle pendulum swinging over white balls
Collage of various 3D shapes
Alien ship, rocket and earth in space
3D Book and Umbrella with "to the good things?" text
3D Model with various shapes
White outlined bottle with "Motion Graphics Passion" text
Salty Kiss drink can with cartoon monsters
Bundle of 3D red masks
Rectangle and circular, purple and orange shapes
3D typography "Shift"
Cartoon woman listening to music
Grey and black typography "S"

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