Talent Development

We know from our hundreds of industry contacts that your employability in Animation, Games and VFX goes far beyond having just a degree. A killer showreel or portfolio? Absolutely. An Artstation account? Of course! Talent Development covers that and so much more. With studio professionals meeting our students on various occasions throughout the year, our Talent Development programme is dedicated to getting you not only studio ready, but ready to gain and handle your interview through to getting and staying in the job.  

In the last academic year, over 1,889,475 students* graduated in the UK. There’s never been more reason to stand out from the crowd. And that’s where we come in.  

*HESA, Higher Education Student Statistics: UK, 2019/20 - Qualifications achieved. 

More than a degree

At Escape Studios, you’ll get more than a degree. Our Talent Development team will help you shine as a true professional artist. By taking advantage of the events and workshops we offer you’ll: 

  • Learn the ultimate showreel and portfolio practices from the best studios around 
  • Network with industry artists, directors and recruiters from Animation, Games and VFX 
  • Cover all bases in starting your career – from must-haves to your application being noticed 
  • Gain invaluable insight into studio life and what’ll be expected of you at work 
  • Enjoy a taste for your first industry interview and grow from essential feedback with mock interviews 
  • Meet the Escapees who’ve been there and are keen to help you 
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Simon Devereux, Head of L&D at The Mill

The Mill's relationship with Escape Studios has always been important to the studio for obvious reasons; we enjoy speaking regularly with Escape students at events, The VFX Festival and via any opportunity to mentor students or offer advice on industry career paths. Students at Escape Studios are always super-switched-on, know their stuff and ask great questions!

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Lionel Estivil, Digital Compositor at Framestore


The network that you create at escape is huge, so you're building industry connections while you study. I got showreel feedback from Peerless whilst I was studying and I went on to work there as my first role in industry.

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Emma Smith, Talent Manager at Creative Assembly

One of the best things that students can do to get themselves ready for our industry is to meet as many developers and professional artists that they possibly can, so they get their hands on real world advice and experience.

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Maria Robinson

BA Hons The Art of Computer Animation student

Escape's 'Evening With' events and showcases have been immensely helpful in getting to know and talk with people one-on-one, get advice or just talk about the craft.

Here's a taste of what to expect

Alongside your artistic and technical studies, you’ll have access to a whole host of events, workshops, resources and unique opportunities to build your career from day one. 

Talent Development Weeks

Our biannual Talent Development Weeks are packed with events designed to inspire, inform and develop you and your career. Learn from studio professionals and the Talent Development Team on a range of topics. From mastering networking and building confidence to freelancing fundamentals or hearing advice from Escapees, the content changes every time. There’s also our Tailored Mock Interviews for Level 6, Level 7 and premium Short Course students. Stick around long enough and you’ll get to practice your interview skills and have your work reviewed with a studio. And don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of coaching beforehand!

Showreel and Portfolio Clinics

A showreel or portfolio is your opportunity to demonstrate to studios what you’re capable of - ideally showcasing your best work in two minutes. As a student, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to benefit from tutor reviews of your creations. To complement this, we run sessions with studios to give you invaluable feedback on your work. See our REEL Talk Guide to get industry tips and advice.

Friends of Escape Studios/Industry Visits

We work with studios big and small across the Games, VFX and Animation landscape and their input to our Talent Development programme is what keeps us up to date and relevant. We also regularly meet with creative bodies such as Women in Games, Access VFX and The Creative Industries Federation. We host events at the campus, get free tickets to off-site events and generally have our finger on the pulse. We can help you network with industry professionals, so you start making connections before you finish your degree.  

Make it your own

We encourage and welcome ideas from our students. Ultimately, your feedback and participation will shape your experience at Escape Studios. We want to work with you, so you leave with a killer showreel and CV packed with talking points. We work with our students to create unique opportu

Access to the Talent Development Portal

Through our portal, ‘The Work Fitness Centre’, you’ll have access to a range of resources you’ll need to get started in your career. It’s packed with interactive tools, e-learning content and company profiles. It is designed to help you improve the professional skills needed to navigate today's job market and move your career forward with confidence, whether you are searching for your first role or going through a career change. You’ll also be able to catch up on all the webinars you’ve missed – even those before you joined Escape Studios!

Careers Concierge

Aside from our events, you’ll have direct access to the Talent Development Team. Providing one-to-one advice throughout your time at Escape Studios. We offer advice on recommended viewing, reading and organisations worth joining. You’ll also hear from us whenever an appropriate internship or opportunity is sent our way from friends of Escape Studios.  

Take a look at some of our events in action...