VFX Virtual Roadshows

The UK VFX industry is looking for new talent. Are you aged between 12-21 years old? Do you currently attend school, college or university? If you answered yes to both questions, then you've come to the right place. We are running two exciting new Virtual Roadshows to help you get your foot in the creative industries.

We are excited to announce our FREE Virtual VFX Roadshows!

These events have been carefully designed to provide school students with an introductory insight into this booming industry, whilst offering college and university students more specialist knowledge to support them in pursuing a job in VFX.

Rather than touring the country to introduce VFX to your school, college or university, we're bringing the roadshow direct to your screen!

The VFX industry in the UK is world-beating, creating some of the most memorable imagery you see on film and TV. Now with the advent of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ there’s more VFX than ever on the small screen. Think about The Mandalorian, Cowboy Bebop, Green Knight, Loki and Bridgerton to name a few.

Our online VFX Roadshows are funded by the ScreenSkills High End TV (HETV) Fund* and will be an exciting mix of industry presentations, demonstrations and insider tips.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity and grab your tickets today!

*This programme is supported by the ScreenSkills High-end TV Skills Fund with contributions from UK high-end TV productions and by ScreenSkills as part of the BFI Future Film Skills programme using funds from the National Lottery.

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Event Details


  • Schools Roadshow: Tuesday 1st February 2022
  • University Roadshow: Wednesday 2nd February 2022


  • Schools Roadshow: 9.45am - 12.35pm
  • University Roadshow: 10am - 3pm

Location: Online

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Star wars character scavenging for metal junk

The Schools Roadshow (12-16 year olds): If you’re of school age; you might be surprised to find out there’s plenty you can do to prepare yourself for a career in VFX.

We’ll explain all about the industry and give you some top tips about how your future studies can get you there, whether you are planning on further study in arts or science subjects. 

The University Roadshow (16-21 year olds): If you’re thinking about or already studying Film, TV, VFX, Computer Animation or any other subject at university, then this is for you. 

Join our University Roadshow to find out more about which VFX roles are in demand, best practice for showreels and interviews, and how to handle internships and placements. 

Whichever Roadshow suits you, join us for FREE. The VFX industry needs new talent and wants to meet you! 

Schools Roadshow Tuesday 1st February 2022 

9.45am -  Hello! Introduction to the day

What is VFX and why should you be interested? Why is this such a big industry in the UK?

10am - Meet the professionals: Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)

ILM is the company behind Star Wars, The Mandalorian, Loki and Space Jam. Let them show you some of their work and explain how you can one day join them.

We will be joined by Davi Stein and Amy Backwell.

10.15am - How is a VFX shot created? Introduction to the VFX of a short film Malus Navis

Watch as some of the Escape Studios team break down how the VFX was created for short film Malus Navis.

10.45am - The VFX journey: who are the people making VFX for film and TV? Part 1:

Focus on previsualisation, concept art, storyboards: how to get started, what are the basics, and how you can start to think about making some VFX.

11am - A short fun quiz; which is real and which is VFX? Guess and win a prize.

11.15am - The VFX journey: who are the people making VFX for film and TV? Part 2:

Focus on 3D modelling. Find out what’s so cool about 3D animation. How to get started for free and what are the basics?

11.35am - The VFX journey: who are the people making VFX for film and TV? Part 3:

Focus on compositing. 

Building believable alien worlds.

11.55am - My journey from school life to VFX

A ‘Near Peer’ VFX expert now working at a major VFX company will tell you about how they transitioned from school to creating work that you’ll have seen on TV. They may be just like you and have studied science or art subjects too.

12.15pm - Ask Me Anything about VFX

In this section you get all your questions answered by our team of VFX experts, including Industrial Light & Magic (The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, Star Wars)

12.30pm - Free stuff! We’ll finish with free gifts in a virtual goodie bag from us to you!

What next? We’ll guide you to the resources and people that can help you find out more. 

12.35pm - Finish. We hope to see your name on TV or at the cinema in the future!

University Roadshow Wednesday 2nd February 2022 

10am - Hello! Introduction to the aims of the day

It’s all about the pipeline: what is a pipeline and how you find your place in it? Diagrams of simple pipelines will be shown and we’ll explain why you may need to think about where you want to be on it! 

10.20am - Breakdown: Introduction to VFX Clip Malus Navis

We’ll analyse a clip and break it down so you can understand the different team roles involved.

A VFX 'Escapee' now working at a high profile VFX company shows their reel and talks through how they got the job and shares advice.  

10.40am - The Showreel Clinic

Your showreel is your passport to work. What do companies want and how do you convince them you are the answer? Meet Amy and Davi from Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) who’ll run you through what they need to know to employ you, see some examples of how to present your work, and hear about the classic mistakes to avoid in interviews.

11.10am - Focus on Previz

Our first look at the pipeline - what are the skills needed for previsualisation, what is decided at this stage, what is it for and what are the roles and responsibilities? Is previz an option for you?

11.30am - Short break with quiz; real or CGI?

Win a virtual ‘VFX Oscar’ in our coffee-break fun quiz. How much do you know about the industry? The answers might surprise you.

11.45am - Focus on 3D modelling/texturing

How does this fit into the pipeline? You’ll be guided through by an industry expert with a short demo and tips to sharpen your skills for 3D artist roles.

12.05pm - Supercharge your abilities: an introduction to free online resources and guides you really need to see.

What's next? We’ll guide you to the resources and people who can help you find out more.

12.10pm - Focus on rigging/animation

How does this fit into the pipeline? You’ll be guided through by an industry expert with a short demo and tips into improving your skills in a very competitive area.

12.30pm - Focus on FX

This is the fourth stop on our pipeline, and a growing area. How does this fit into the pipeline? Once again, you’ll be guided through by an industry expert with a short demo.

12.50pm - Focus on compositing

Guided by an industry expert, we’ll cover entry level jobs in roto/prep, and how 2D is involved in every part of the pipeline. You’ll be shown a demo of best practice in keying and shot finishing. Compositing is where it all comes together, including colour grading, lens-effects and integrating 3D elements.

1.10pm - Break for lunch

2pm - Ask us anything

Get to ask the professionals what you want to know. What do you get stuck on? What’s the competition like? What can you do to stand out? Are you better suited to art, production or technical? How do you top up your skills? Ask our Industrial Light & Magic guests and our other experts!

2.45pm - Free stuff! We’ll finish by giving you a free virtual goodie bag, packed with exciting gifts for you to enjoy and be inspired!

3pm - Finish.