Virtual Work Experience 2021

We are excited to announce their brand-new virtual work experience event.

The Catch 22 surrounding work experience can seem impossible to overcome. To get a job, you need experience, but to gain experience, you need a job.

Our virtual work experience programme is here to help you break out of this loop by boosting your employability, building new skills in VFX, Animation and Games, introducing you to new contacts and expanding your professional network in the creative industry.

You will take part in activities designed to challenge, inspire and expand your knowledge. Plus we will hear pre-recorded sessions from Escape Studios alumni working in the industry at Vine FX, Industrial Light & Magic, Factory 42 and Playground Games to name a few. They will share their own stories of breaking into the world of work, letting you in on secrets that helped them secure their first job.

This is an exciting opportunity for you to boost the impact your CV will have on future employers. A FREE course tailored to help YOU land your first job, all from the comfort of your own home. Don't miss out...

Why attend?

  • Impress employers by listing your Virtual Work Experience on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Using our skills sheet, you will learn essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the creative industries. 
  • Gain support making the right academic choices for yourself.
  • Receive digital recognition for your full participation at the event, which will look great on your CV.

Our programme is also aligned with Gatsby Benchmarks*; learning from career and labour market, linking curriculum learning to careers, encounters with employers and employees, virtual experiences of workplaces and encounters with further and higher education.

*Gatsby Benchmark is a framework for delivering quality career guidance to schools and colleges, to support them in making informed decisions for their future.

Escape Studios Virtual Work Experience

Checkout the schedule

This Virtual Work Experience is a 2-day event consisting of 3 different sessions each day. We've got it all in store - exclusive tips and tricks that will help you master your future interviews, professional insights into the skills you need to secure your first job and real world experiences of industry professionals breaking into the creative industry.

Escape Studios Virtual Work Experience Tuesday 13th July

Skills sheet

Filling in the skills sheet will help you make the most of the event and provide you with a basic self-assessment of your knowledge

We recommend keeping this document open during the duration of the programme. Alternatively, please feel free to print it out. 

After the event, you must submit your completed skills sheet to us to be reviewed.