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Our regular webinars are the ultimate ​freebie - giving you insider knowledge on a range of specialist subjects and different CG disciplines​, plus ​a chance for you to ask the experts​, live​​! That's anything from, 2D and 3D for VFX to games and animation, whether you're a rookie or master - we've got you covered.

Previous webinars

Watch parts of webinars that we've recently held below. Interested in more? Why not sign up to our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). You'll be able to access all of the full length webinars that aren't available here.

Film Review

Helen O'Hara and Greg Wetherall dropped by to go through some of the biggest films of the end of 2016 including Rogue One, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find then and Doctor Strange.


The guys at Framestore came to chat with us about all things careers and breaking into the Industry.

Houdini Glue

Solid Houdini skills will make you stand out from the crowd. Mark Spevick will take you through an approach to effective destruction techniques, using glue constraints and fractures.

Object Tracking

Dan Shutt's webinar looks at how you can camera track your shots to VFX perfection.

Distorting Reality

Our resident Head of 2D Davi Stein is here to guide us through the node-based digital compositing application Nuke.


GoT Shatter Effect

Using Houdini, we show you how to make your friends explode into glass just like when White Walkers are killed with Dragonglass in Game of Thrones!

Flamethrower Effect

Learn how to work with fluids in Maya to create a flamethrower effect similar to that utilised by El Diablo in Suicide Squad.

Simulating a Splashdown

Based on one of the effects from Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. This tutorial will show you the basics of how to simulate a splashdown effect using Houdini.

Let's make Heat Vision

Loved watching Batman vs Superman? We've made a tutorial teaching you how to shoot heat vision from your eyes - just like Superman!

Let's Make Force Lightning

We were bouncing round ideas to make Star Wars VFX tutorials and we ended up with this technique to make Force Lightning which you can do yourself really quickly in Nuke!

Object Tracking Cap's Shield

Can't afford a vibranium shield? Never fear! We'll show you how you can have your very own VFX shield just like Captain America!

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