Simon Fenton is the lead tutor on our Video Games Art Production and Video Games Art Effects and Production short courses at Escape Studios.

In this webinar Simon introduces Unreal Engine 4 and walks you through his guide to destroying objects. Students on the Escape Studios short courses will get an in-depth insight into destruction using Unreal Engine. They also benefit from hours of “live” instruction and feedback from Simon and his fellow tutors, but this webinar is the perfect introduction, giving you a chance to follow along at home and get a first taste of Unreal Engine and what you’ll learn on an Escape Studios short course. Since this webinar was first recorded, Escape Studios has developed a series of short courses for Houdini, like our one week Houdini Dynamics course led by Mark Spevick.

Introduction to Unreal Engine

>>I'm going to approach this a little bit like a tutorial, a little bit like a webinar and kind of somewhere in between, I want to start off by just showing some websites that might be of interest. So first of all, if you don't know FX guide, they have some great articles about the effects not only in film, but obviously in our context, we're talking about games and this one here's called The Art of Destruction or the art of blowing crap up. Now, it's a really excellent article that talks about all the different approaches in industry so I think it's definitely worth a read.

Where can I download Unreal Engine?

>>Now I just want to briefly just show you where you can get Unreal Engine from, and talk a little bit about what Unreal Engine is and its history before we start.

So some of you might know Unreal Engine from games like Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, for example. But it used to be an extremely expensive engine that only developers could license, and then they released a thing called UDK. And over the past year, or year and a half, or two years, Unreal Engine 4 became a subscription model, and now is completely free.

And so if you just type in this is where you can get it. You can download it from here. You just have to create a login to sign in and it's completely free to use. There is, as it says here, a 5% royalty on games and applications when you release them and you can make a certain amount of money which is fantastic.

So once you've downloaded it you'll get this thing called the Effect Games Launcher and this is a great little portal really because it gives you a few tabs here that are really important in helping you get to grips with Unreal Engine. The first one is this one here called Learn with some great tutorials for artists and level designers. If you're used to using Unity, there's a great transition guide here. And then some amazing examples of tutorials. And talking about examples, you've got some of the most incredible demo scenes that you can download from this infiltrated demo, which is a showcase for the advanced rendering capabilities, amongst other things.

And there’s this showdown VR demo and the award-winning Boy and His Kite…


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