Online mini courses


How to position a brand for success - New dates TBC

This course will give a short and practical introduction on how to position a brand, from diagnosis through to delivery. We will start by looking at why positioning is so fundamental to all brands and how it paves the way to sustainable growth and success.

The Art of Selling - New dates TBC

This course will develop your sales, presentation and negotiation skills. We will look at sales strategies, techniques and management and understand how sales are the lifeblood of any business. 

Online taster courses

Figuring out finance 1 - available on demand
(3 hours)

Do you start to tremble in a meeting when the discussion turns financial? If so, this short, lighthearted course is you. Complete the form below and gain instant access to our Figuring Out Finance course.  

Figuring out Finance 2 - available on demand
(3 hours)

In this second episode, we look at costing, pricing and how to evaluate whether or not to go ahead with an investment or project. Another short light hearted course to increase your confidence with finance.

Games people play - New dates coming soon
(3 hours)

This unconventional workshop is inspired by Eric Berne’s theory called “Transactional Analysis” which explores the psychology of human relationships and behaviours in an easily accesible langauge.