About the course

Interested in taking the next Animation project from start to finish?

This course provides an introduction to the process of Animation production. You'll gain the core skills you need to own the production process, from understanding the animation pipeline, pitching for the project, to managing a team and keeping to essential budgets and timelines.

You'll get the hands-on skills required, working on a live industry brief set by one of our industry partners and taught by Bob Thompson a veteran in the world of production. 

This course is ideal if you want to take the next step into production for the Animation industry.

Module information

  • Week 1 - General introduction to Animation Production: Looking at the role of an animation producer and the animation pipeline.  
  • Week 2 - How to create a project and pitch it: developing your ideas and creating the pitch.
  • Week 3 - Finance and budgets: Exploring soft money, equity, tax credits and budgets for an animated project.
  • Week 4 - The core team: Looking at the roles on an animated project.
  • Week 5 - Development and Pre-production: Understanding the developer and producer's roles, writing, storyboards and visual development.
  • Week 6 - Production: Production processes and procedures, including CG, 2D and VFX production.
  • Week 7 -Post production: The producers role in post-production and the process of audio, final mix and delivery.
  • Week 8 - Distribution, Marketing and Licensing: Understanding advertising, trailers, promotion partnerships and industry briefing.
  • Live industry brief: You will work on a live industry brief toward the end of the course set by one of our indsutry partners. This will involve applying your skills to budgeting, scheduling and trouble shooting the project.

Recommended reading

Producing Animation - by Katherine winder and Zahra Dolatabadi (2011)

Course summary

    Escape Studios West
    5th September 2017
    Part time (Tuesday Evening: 7pm - 10pm)
    8 weeks
    Aged 18 or over, a good understanding of written and spoken English

Meet your tutor

Alex Williams
Head of Animation