Now mentored by the award winning global studio ILM

About the course

Do you want to gain real-world visual effects (VFX) production skills, including industry-recognised Nuke training, and become the kind of highly skilled, creative professional it takes to be a compositor? If so, this Compositing for Visual Effects (12 weeks) course is perfect for you, whether you’re an aspiring VFX artist, a filmmaker wanting to enhance your work or a student or graduate preparing for the job market.

This course will give you hands-on training, and better yet it is mentored by award winning international VFX company Rushes, meaning you'll learn what the Industry is looking for right from the start!

What to expect

If you're joining us on the 25th May, you'll benefit from:

  • Two feedback sessions from the award winning studio ILM.
  • This is your chance to get feedback on your showreel from the global studio behind Star Wars: Rogue One, The Revenant, Pacific Rim and Avatar.

Upon completion of the Compositing for Visual Effects (12 weeks) course, you’ll graduate with an Escape Studios Certificate of Achievement, a well-respected qualification within the industry, demonstrating you’ve studied an industry-based course and have the practical,hands-on skills studios are looking for.

During your time at Escape Studios West, we will also help you to create a showreel that you can use as a portfolio of work to show employers. In the first six weeks of the Compositing for Visual Effects (12 weeks) course, you’ll study rotoscoping, rig removal, paint prep techniques, colour balance, mastering 2D and planar tracking, as well as how to create detailed keys of a shot. In the last six weeks, you’ll work with Nuke’s 3D projection system, camera tracking and how to integrate CG render passes into live action backgrounds. To finish the course, you’ll be set a practical assignment designed to showcase your new studio-ready skills.

Where can this course take me?

Compositors are the masters of make-believe, responsible for creating the illusion of reality. They compose the final image in a VFX or motion picture sequence, creating VFX that make the impossible, possible! Without them, we’d all be looking at the wires that support actors during action sequences, or shots lacking in atmosphere or composition. As a 2D/Compositing artists it is the artist’s responsibility to make the shot look totally believable! You’ll need an artist’s keen trained eye for photo realistic details so that you always create exceptional imagery. The excitement and gratification of producing the end result is an exhilarating position and creative career to grow into.  

Compositors often start out as rotoscope artists or in junior roles, but can rise to become mid-level, then senior compositors and compositing supervisors. From here the path is open to becoming a VFX supervisor.

Why Escape Studios?

Escape Studios has been part of Pearson College London since 2013. Though we sprang into life in 2002, to solve the industry’s lack of educated, studio-ready VFX talent. Since then, over 4,000 people have graduated from Escape, going on to forge successful careers spanning across the whole VFX spectrum.

You’ll find Escapee Alumni behind many Oscar and BAFTA nominated films, 100s of award-winning films and television shows and 1,000s of award-winning commercials. Our secret? Our intensive and fiercely vocational approach and a professional studio experience that trains VFX professionals to the latest industry standards.

Course summary

    Escape Studios West
    25 May 2017
    18 August 2017
    2 October 2017
    13 November 2017
    Full time
    12 weeks

Nothing beats the thrill of creating visual effects and the fact that no matter how small your contribution is, you’ve played a part in the history of cinema.

Richard Sowerby, Stereoscopic Compositor, Cinesite

Meet your tutor

Allar Kaasik
Compositing Tutor