About the course

It's a part-time evening course and by the end you'll be able to set up Hollywood style effects within Houdini and will know how to render them, exciting stuff!

The safest way to blow stuff up!

Everyone loves fire and water. Creating them realistically for VFX contexts is an enviable skill. Our advanced course in Maya gives you an in depth look at simulated FX creation in Houdini.

Led by our real life “Harry" Houdini (Mark Spevick, Head of 3D at Escape Studios), over 5 weeks you will investigate production techniques with particles, rigid body dynamics, liquid simulations and digital pyrotechnics using the power of the Houdini engine.

You’ll leave the course with a good understanding of digital destruction from fracturing geometry to choreographing large simulations. And fire. And water.

Is this course for me?

This course is ideal if you want to:

  • Be able to set up realistic and direct simulations within Houdini.
  • Understand how to scale up simulations to production standards.
  • Understand how to simulate natural phenomena (water and fire) in Houdini.
  • Generate the various elements needed for VFX shots.
  • Generate caches of simulations.
  • Render simulations in Mantra.

Important: You must have completed the our Introduction to Houdini course OR be able to evidence: good understanding of Houdini and its various contexts, and good understanding of 3D techniques. Some prior knowledge of 3D dynamic systems. (particles, fluids, rigid bodies etc.) is an advantage

Why learn Houdini Dynamics with Escape Studios?

True VFX professionals need to be proficient in a number of VFX pipelines. SideFX and Houdini are fast becoming industry standard. Learn from the best; Escape Studios, Part of Pearson College London even hosted the 2016 Houdini software launch.

Module information

  • Week 1 - Introduction to Houdini's dynamics context... (DOPS)
  • Week 2 - Introduction to visual programming with VOP nodes
  • Week 3 - Simulated CG destruction with Bullet engine. Pre-fracturing and directing simulations (RDB)
  • Week 4 - Large and small body water simulations with FLIP fluids
  • Week 5 - Digital pyrotechnics, smoke and flames

Key Software


Course summary

    Escape Studios West
    16 October 2017
    £950 (Evenings: Mon and Wed 7-10pm)
    Part time
    5 weeks
    Aged 18 or over, a good understanding of written and spoken English. Must have studied the Introduction to Houdini course or be able to show extensive knowledge of 3D VFX with basic Houdini skills.

Meet your tutor

Mark Spevick
Head of 3D