Our industry partners

We’ve developed close relationships with an impressive range of industry partners and they’re involved in everything we do, from helping to design and deliver our programmes to to giving our students feedback sessions, as well as fantastic opportunities to learn and gain experience in the real world. 

We work with all kinds of organisations, including top employers, award winning post-production houses, smaller companies and start-ups, so our students get the chance to benefit from a whole range of perspectives. Best of all, our partners work across all market sectors and locations, both in the UK and worldwide. 

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Meet our industry partners

Students on our advanced courses benefit from industry feedback sessions with our industry partners, while all our students have the opportunity to attend industry talks, as well as events aimed at helping them network with creative companies, talk to recruiters and showcase their showreels.

We have two or three industry leads for each programme, plus a longer list of partners involved in the design of individual modules, as well as learning resources and materials. This kind of industry input means our students graduate ready for the world of work, with the skills and qualities they need for a successful, long-term career.

We work with all kinds of creative companies, from global businesses to smaller independents, so our students get the chance to benefit from a whole range of perspectives.

Here are just some of our industry partners:

Associations and industry bodies

Want to become a partner?

If you’d like to find out more about becoming an industry partner, our Strategic Partnership team would be happy to talk through your ideas and how we can benefit each other. Call us or email us at info@pearsoncollegelondon.ac.uk.