Talent development

We can help you to develop your employees, by giving them the chance to study alongside work, on our industry-focused, accelerated part-time degrees and short courses.

Why choose Pearson College London

All our courses are designed to be flexible, delivered face-to-face outside of work hours and via our online campus, so your staff can study wherever and whenever they want to. Alternatively, we can work with you to design a bespoke course, 100% relevant to their needs.

According to research commissioned by the Government, around 60% of employers agree that employees who study part-time whilst working, tend to have better skills and knowledge, compared to new graduates or those who study full-time, so it's a great way to grow and strengthen your business, including:

  • Improved organisational performance - as your people become more knowledgeable and better-equipped with job-related skills.
  • Higher productivity and efficiency.
  • Better rates of staff retention.
  • Happier, more motivated employees, focused on their career progression and development.
  • Staff who understand how knowledge and theory works in practice.
  • People with relevant work experience as well as a qualification.

Many different types of employers from different sectors help to design and deliver learning here, so your employees will learn directly from them, discovering not only academic knowledge, but how to put that knowledge into action in the real world.

Want to become a partner?

If you’d like to find out more about talent development or you are interested in becoming an industry partner, our Strategic Partnership team would be happy to talk through your ideas and how we can benefit each other.

Call us on 0203 441 1303 or email info@pearsoncollegelondon.ac.uk.