Centre for Industry Engagement (CIE)

Introduction to the CIE

The Pearson College London Centre for Industry Engagement (CIE) lies at the heart of our mission to integrate the worlds of industry and academia for the mutual benefit of all our stakeholders - our students, our partners in industry and our academic community.

It aims to become a hub of collaboration between education and employers, to explore, debate and research issues, and to share and disseminate the knowledge and understanding we develop together more widely. The Centre for Industry Engagement builds on the core strengths and activities of Pearson College London, taking the best of what is already being done at Escape Studios and Pearson Business School, and making it part of our institutional DNA.

Ben Hughes - CIE Director, Vice Principal Industry Engagement

Centre for Industry Engagement logo

We are very excited about the creation of our new Centre for Industry Engagement, which aims to embody the Pearson College London mission of bridging the worlds of industry and academia for the benefit of all stakeholders in higher education. The Centre will define everything we do as a College – from designing and delivering new degree and degree apprenticeship programmes, in partnership with industry; to the creation of cutting edge research at the intersection of industry and pedagogy; to providing a forum at the heart of a FTSE100 company where leaders across industry, academia and politics can debate and discuss the key issues of the day in higher education and training.

Ben Hughes - CIE Director, Vice Principal Industry Engagement


Our industry partners

The Mill
Electric Theatre Collective
Method Studios

Pearson College London is one of the most exciting areas of our company and will play an important part in Pearson's success in the UK. It demonstrates many of the qualities that matter most across our business - a focus on learners, innovative approaches that improve student outcomes, and a desire to link education to employability.

John Fallon, Chief Executive of Pearson


The CIE team

Ben Hughes
CIE Director, Vice Principal Industry Engagement

Frances Trought
Deputy Vice Principal, Talent Development

Andy Ware
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Anita Gribble
Industry Engagement


Our central activities

The Centre for Industry Engagement will fulfil this mission through four central activities:

  • Collaboration between industry and our academic community in the design and delivery of innovative new degree and apprenticeship programmes;
  • Development of collaborative research projects that explore issues at the interface of higher education and the world of employment or are otherwise of relevance to our academic community;
  • Creation of authentic learning opportunities for our students that enable them to engage academically and professionally with industry (including international partners) through a variety of activities, such as: participation in industry projects; internships; apprenticeships; and conferences; and
  • Organisation of thought leadership events bringing our stakeholders together to explore, discuss and debate current topics at the intersection of industry and education, with the aim of encouraging a deeper awareness of different perspectives and experiences and sharing findings and innovative practice for the benefit of the wider community.

I've had two interns from Pearson College London join my team in consecutive years and they've quickly become invaluable, to the extent that I'd happily recommend them to colleagues or peers for roles once they graduate.

Gary Andrews, Social Media Editor, Direct Line Group


Student research projects

Our students benefit from our industry focused approach to education and have worked collaboratively with our academics to produce industry standard papers. All of these papers have been accepted for presentation and the students have each presented them at conferences around the world, including New York and Madeira. 

Adam West
Pearson Business School

Harvey Turner
Pearson Business School

Louisa Cooper
Pearson Business School

Rachel Ruff
Pearson Business School

Patrick Morrison
Pearson Business School

Oliver Kyte
Pearson Business School

Benjamin Britton
Pearson Business School

Thomas Cowley
Pearson Business School

Andrea Valente
Pearson Business School

Maggie Allen
Pearson Business School

What’s in it for business?

The benefits to Pearson College London of the Centre for Industry Engagement's activities are self-evident, but it must also benefit our industry partners if it is to be sustainable. The Centre for Industry Engagement will therefore offer our collaborating partners in business:

  • a platform to access and collaborate with other businesses and educational organisations
  • access to a huge talent pool through our extensive network of contacts, students and alumni
  • participation in group learning sessions in emerging areas of business alongside academic experts in the field, students and fellow industry professionals
  • bespoke CPD programmes for their staff facilitated through our network of academic experts and fellow industry professionals
  • opportunities for CSR activities in partnership with our students and fellow collaborating businesses.


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