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Bubl is a live work experience platform that provides a pre-hire service for employers bringing verified, highly motivated young talent direct to hiring managers. Bubl offers a low risk, innovative and cost-effective recruitment solution. 

What can Bubl offer your business?

  • Help your business to build relationships with the next generation of workforce talent, helping them to upskill.  
  • Minimise risk and reduce the costs of your recruitment process through innovative, authentic workplace challenges. 
  • Develop talent in a wide range of areas to suit your business including leadership, analytical thinking, social media and technology. 
  • Assess graduate level candidates based on capability and potential rather than a CV.
  • Provide cost-effective, talented and motivated resource for projects; and enhance creativity, originality and innovative thinking. 

Our platform is free to join and start using for employers. 

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"Using Bubl to identify, challenge and potentially onboard young talent has changed the game and disrupts the traditional talent recruitment process. At Pollinate we always strive to find innovative new ways to discover talent through skills and merit, rather than just a CV and interview, especially when they have limited experience.

By enabling previously hidden talent to engage with our company and brand via Bubl, to gauge interest and fit via a short and exciting business challenge, and get real-life feedback, allows us to make decisions on talent the usual systems hide.

It’s efficient and creates a hiring process driven by skills and merit. Not just CVs."

James Bridgman, Head of Marketing at Pollinate