Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Improve your business’ competitive advantage and increase innovation through a funded partnership with Pearson College London. Being part of a KTP can help you develop your business by linking you with academic expertise and the support of a qualified graduate – resources you may not have in-house. As part of the government scheme, Innovate UK/UKRI are offering funding towards KTPs to improve your business performance and help you become more productive.  

A KTP is part-funded by a grant. You will need to contribute to the salary of the graduate (Associate) who will work with your business, in addition to the cost of a supervisor who will oversee the scheme. The cost depends on the scale and length of the project as well as the size of your organisation.  Typically:

  • small and medium-sized enterprises contribute around £35,000 per year with around 70% of the project funded by a grant.  
  • large businesses contribute around £55,000 per year with roughly 50% funded by a grant.  


Contact us to discuss opportunities and find out more about how a KTP can benefit your business. 

Who is it for?

Micro-businesses to large corporate companies, our KTPs suit all types of businesses in a range of sectors, looking to enhance innovation or achieve growth with academic support. SMEs and micro-businesses are also eligible for Management KTPs, with a direct focus on improving management structures.

The partnership typically lasts two years but there is some flexibility in the timeframe.

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What can a Knowledge Transfer Partnership offer your business?

A KTP addresses a specific strategic issue in the business, this could comprise of the development of a new product or improving a process. A recent graduate and an academic advisor will work specifically on the task of bringing a new capability into the business. This capability will be fully embedded, and the associate will ensure it works for the organisation.  

Collaborations between academic institutions and business are beneficial to all partners. They enable the transfer of expert know-how and skills into your company while providing applicable, on the job experience and learning to the graduate.

Academic Profiles

Chris Jones

I have an academic background in computer science, however, in my experience I have overseen digitising and designing processes for automation. Sometimes the knowledge area is computer-based technology but other times it can be more soft skills, for example figuring how to get stakeholders on board or how to deal with UX and CX. I currently teach a range of modules at PCL including Strategic Management, Strategic Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Digital Skills (excel, coding, etc), IT Industry Studies, Agile App Design.

Kate Jones

I have 20+ years of global brand innovation and positioning research across most sectors, including FMCG, Automotive, Personal Care, Financial Services, Fashion and Retail. My research investigates conscious and non-conscious attitudes to brand attributes (including price, pack design and self-image). I have worked in multiple start-ups and developed new businesses for the likes of Royal Mail, Experian and Unilever. I am interested in ideation, articulation and development of new propositions and how they can be piloted, launched and scaled.

Mike Gulvin

I have lived and worked abroad for many years and have an interest in global attitudes to marketing and the development of cross-cultural and institutional forms of education and the rise of education hubs and international branch campuses. I have a good understanding of differing cultural dimensions with an in-depth experiential knowledge of East and SE. Asian collectivist societies and Confucian-led social values and ethics. I have a working knowledge of the way in which such values operate within organisational structure and culture, and acknowledging them when it comes to marketing activities.

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