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Turning cost into opportunity

Business in the UK is under attack, and a double threat of uncertainty looms.

Uncertainty in the workforce – We have more graduates than ever entering the labour market, but many are not primed for performance. Government apprenticeship reform is creating major shifts in the way HR departments hire and train staff, and businesses need to adapt to the changes. What are your jobs of the future, and where can you find the talent to fit? How will you retain staff who may have better opportunities presented elsewhere? And ultimately, how much will this cost?

Uncertainty of customer – we are seeing a massive shift in demographics and buyer behaviour in baby boomers, millennials and gen z. Where will your customers be found in the next 1, 2, 5, 10 years, and how can you ensure they stay loyal to your brand?

Many are not geared up to deal with the challenges presented by rapid change and therefore run the risk of rash decision making at best, or business failure at worse.

What are the solutions?

Upskill your workforce. People are the lifeblood to any successful business. Ensuring that businesses of the future have a talented, trained and capable workforce must be a priority for any forward thinking business.

Know your customer. The best way to stay close to your customer is undoubtedly by hiring like-minded individuals, who understand the new methods of engagement and can capture the hearts and minds of the new generations. Typically this means hiring and developing staff at a much younger age. There are challenges to this approach, most notably getting a less experienced up to speed with best practice and practical business skills.

At Pearson Business School, we recognise the value of working hand in hand with industry to ensure that your most important assets – people –   are discovered, trained and maintained to adapt to change and stay competitive. We design, develop and deliver degrees that focus on job-ready skills.

Things you need to do to build a future ready workforce

  • Assess. Take our diagnostic test to discover if your organisation is primed for transformation. We provide recommendations on simple steps that can be taken to create agile teams.
  • Measure. How much will your business be required to contribute towards levy pot? We provide infographic, explaining the mechanics of the apprenticeship levy, including the administrative aspects of reporting and paying. We also explain how to draw down funding.
  • Prepare. Make sure your business is set up to claim funding for your existing and future learning and development programmes. We can conduct an audit of your learning and development, to identify areas where an apprenticeship programme would be most beneficial.
  • Train. Select the best training provider you can for your needs. Pearson College London is included on the official government register of apprenticeship training providers, and we can help you design and deliver bespoke training to your current and new hires, at no additional cost to your business (for those subject to the levy).

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