How can we benefit your business?

How you work with us is very much up to you and we’re always open to new ideas and collaborations. Here are just some of the ways you can get involved:

Degree design

We work with our academic partners and students to design and develop our degrees, to give our graduates up-to-the-minute, career-focused knowledge, skills and experience.

Module development and delivery

We take the lead in shaping the modules that are relevant to your industry to bring our degrees to life in a real-world context and get involved in teaching through leading business-focused workshops and giving guest lectures.

Industry events

We set up half day or whole day events at your company offices, giving our students exposure to some of your key staff in a business environment, whilst they undertake real business challenges you set them to reveal their talent and potential.

Challenges and projects

We set our students extended projects involving research and development, helping them gain important business skills, whilst you gain insight and innovation for some of your organisation’s current challenges.

Bespoke short courses

We work with us to develop a bespoke short course for your employees, 100% relevant to their needs.


We take on our students as interns and benefit from passionate and motivated people with the skills and qualities to really add value to your business, and potentially become great new employees!

Talent development

We develop your employees in-house through our accelerated, part-time programmes, delivered face-to-face outside of work hours and via our online campus, for a flexible way to work and study at the same time.

Want to become a partner?

If you’d like to find out more about becoming an industry partner, our Strategic Partnership team would be happy to talk through your ideas and how we can benefit each other. Call us on 0203 441 1303 or email:

The way in which Pearson College London engages with leading businesses to design and deliver its degrees makes perfect business sense.

Alyssa Smith, Celebrity Jeweller