Welcome to the first edition of Pearson Business Digest - the perfect accompaniment to your tea break to get you up-to-date on hot topics in the world of business.

This edition includes entrepreneurial gin makers, environmentally friendly takeaway options and all things Christmas!

Ben Hughes

Vice Principal, Pearson Business School


For all those who have attended university, I’m sure the fond memories that you look back on aren't whilst you were sleep-deprived, with your head sunken into academic literature, trying to write your final year dissertation. But for three of our pupils here at Pearson Business School, the stresses of final year are nothing but another challenge. These three final year classmates decided to join as business partners and enter the world of all things gin, with their luxury gin brand, Birdcage Gin.

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Too Good to Go - Too Good to be True?

For those discount-divers, what if I told you that for as little as £2 you could get a meal from a top London restaurant? Just like me you’d most probably assume there is a catch. But in fact all it requires you to do is download the free app ‘Too Good to Go’.

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Christmas comes early for this student...

For the scrooges amongst us who despise nothing more than the Christmas adverts filling our TV screens before we’ve even reached Bonfire night, the finger points to John Lewis for starting this annual tradition back in 2007.

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