Facial Recognition China

In an age where security is ever increasing, ways of identifying people need to be more sophisticated than ever. In China, they are on the cusp of introducing a state-of-the-art facial recognition system that is estimated to be 90% accurate when matching an individual’s face with their ID.

This project was launched in 2015 by the Ministry of Public Security in conjunction with an anonymous security company based in Shanghai. The concept is to implement the system in CCTV camera networks and will use cloud facilities to connect with data and processing centres throughout China. Many issues have arisen in the development of this technology due to the enormity of the population of China and the technical limitations of facial recognition technology. The required technology does currently exist however on a much smaller level such as is seen in Police databases.

The potential for this technology extends far beyond its intended purpose and there are plans to develop this technology for future concepts also. Besides being used across China, this technology is also intended to be used worldwide to give airtight security in airports. Similar to this innovation in technology, Pearson College London is always looking for new courses to offer their students that will fulfil the purpose of better preparing students for the world of work. With one of the greatest skills gaps being in digital technology, courses such as the Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship are ideal for filling the skills needs of the current and future economy, by creating a workforce of people who have not only learnt the theory but have also had the experience in a business.