The 8th day

If you had an extra day in the week, how would you use it to grow your business Pearson College London launched a new scheme in January 2015, to connect our exceptional undergraduate students and graduate alumni with entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses.

The idea is simple.

Exceptional Pearson College London students and alumni provide an additional resource for businesses. Businesses create a project or ‘wish list’ of projects or goals that they would like help with. The students then submit 3 minute video pitches for the projects that they would like to work on. If the business likes the pitch then they can meet with the individual(s) that they would like to work with.

Do you have an '8th day' project?

We are always looking for entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and established SMEs to take part in the project. If you're interested in getting involved, email

Complete a short 8th day wish list questionnaire Review short online video pitches from students who wish to work on your project Select the individual(s)  you would like to work with
What is the project brief and scope Maximum 3 minutes in length. You select the student(s) that you would like to meet
Who are you looking for? Submitted to you online. Terms of project agreed directly between you and the student.
What can you offer in return (experience, output-based pay, future work etc)?    
What are your timelines?    

Frequently asked questions

1. Is there a limit to the scope of wish list projects that can be put to the students on this scheme?

No. This scheme intended to be as flexible as possible to match the varied availability and skills of our students and graduates. Whether you anticipate your wishlist project(s) taking one hour or several months to complete, we hope at least one of our students can help.

2. How many wish list projects can I advertise to students?

As many as you like but please remember there is no guarantee that students will pitch for all (or even any) of your wish list projects.

3. Do I have to pay students participating in the scheme?

The aim of the scheme is that both the business and student get mutual value from the scheme. If the students cannot see the value in spending time on your wishlist project, then it’s highly unlikely that they will pitch for it. Value does not necessarily need to be financial – valuable experience, and potential employment opportunities etc might be just as good as cash. Alternatively, to you may feel that you can offer remuneration if the outcome of the project is successful and your business has gained from the students’ input.

4. Is this an internship?

No. This scheme is designed to be as flexible as possible for all parties. There is no intention to create fixed or salaried internships from this scheme.

5. What happens if nobody pitches to work on a wish list project?

This is a risk. If no students decide to pitch for your wish list project(s) during the pilot scheme then we will seek feedback from the students to help understand why.

6. What will happen if I don’t think any of the students who pitch to me will be suitable for my wish list projects?

There is absolutely no obligation for you to work with any of our students or alumni. If this situation arises during the pilot scheme then we will ask you to briefly feedback to us the reasons why the students who pitched were not suitable.

7. Why is Pearson College London running this scheme?

Pearson College London is very keen to expand its growing network of start-ups and SMEs. Our students and alumni are extremely talented and motivated. We therefore believe that there is an opportunity for both your businesses and our students to work together in a way that creates mutual value. We would love to sit down with you to get your ideas about other ways we could work together.

Satalia took on its first intern from Pearson College London in November 2013. A year on we have worked with five students on ventures including developing new products for Universities, one of which is used to auto-generate the University timetables. Students' initiative and drive is of course the most important factor in what they take away from the experience and as an entrepreneurial organisation Satalia excels in facilitating learning through doing. From partnerships to software development to thought leadership, the students we work with achieve real impact. It's great for us, and lets them demonstrate their ability to deliver value, far beyond just having some experience on their CVs.

Dr Daniel Hulme, Satalia