Exams And Assessments

This section contains general information about how assessments are organised at Pearson College London and will also point current students to the correct place to find detailed, specific information about the assessments for the modules they are studying. 

Assessments are a vital part of any degree and it is essential that you are familiar with the requirements at an early stage. At the start of each term, as you start your new modules, you should ensure that you know how you are assessed, the relevant deadlines and can be found on the OLE. This section of our website will tell you where to find this information, as well as giving you information about what to do if you are ill, or have any other extenuating circumstances, and find that you are not able to attend an examination or submit your coursework. 

We use a wide variety of assessment types and information about the main types is set out in this section. A “Viva” is a live examination, where a student (or group of students) presents work to an examiner. This could be a presentation, a question and answer session or a combination of the two.

Any questions about the organisation of assessments (for example about regulations, dates and deadlines) should be directed to Student Services Team. Further details about assessments can also be found in your Student Handbook.

You will be notified by Student Services when your exam timetable is available.