Get involved

Pearson College London provides several different ways for its students to get involved with the decision making process and ensure their voices are heard. This section provides further details on the different ways you can become even more involved in College life.

Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC)

The Staff Student Liaison Committee is a forum in which students and staff can communicate and exchange feedback about all aspects of Pearson College London, including the programme, facilities and student welfare. The SSLC is made up of staff members and Student Experience Associates and deals with concerns at a local level and also feeds into other committees as appropriate.

Pearson College London Student Association (PCSA)

The Pearson College Student Association (PCSA) is an entity of Pearson College London (PCL) responsible for overseeing the student experience at PCL. We organise and run numerous social events throughout the year that come under the following categories:

  • Active
  • Charity
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Nightlife

The PCSA is to act on behalf of the student body and communicate with staff members to voice any ideas or concerns. The PCSA helps students to engage further with Pearson College London.

Student Representatives

One of the benefits of studying at Pearson College London is that we ensure that our students are involved in the life of the College at every level, from course design to college governance. As part of this policy, we have student representation on the key committees which govern the academic decision-making within the College.

Academic Board

The Academic Board is the highest academic body within Pearson College London. It comprises external members (who are senior academics or people with industry or professional experience), the Pearson College senior management team, and representatives of both staff and students. It discusses and approves the strategic plan and has ultimate authority for academic standards. It meets four times a year and the Board includes two student members.

Review and Enhancement Committee

As its name suggests, this committee reviews what we do and makes it better. It receives reports from student feedback and monitors the action plans which ensure that we are always improving everything that we do. It meets six times a year and the committee includes two student members.