We've designed our programme specifications to help you understand how the programmes of study are currently delivered by Pearson College London. The programme specifications outline key information on each programme and provide a detailed description of the design and delivery of each course, including details on assessments and teaching.

As we are constantly monitoring and seeking to improve the programmes we offer students, there may at times be changes to the programme specifications, including the withdrawal or substitution of modules, but these will be kept to a minimum. Modifications will usually only be made in accordance with changes in the requirements of legislative, regulatory or professional or other accrediting bodies or because of advances in knowledge, or feedback from stakeholders.

We offer a wide range of elective modules for you to choose from. However please note, the running of electives depends on student numbers and staff availability. Therefore, even though an elective is listed in the programme specification, it may not be on offer every term. Furthermore, a module may be withdrawn after you start your programme in accordance with our process of review and enhancement (see above). We will always take reasonable steps to ensure students can study their preferred modules where possible. To read a more in depth description of specific modules please visit the module specifications section of the website.

For more on information on the circumstances in which we may make changes to programmes and modules please see our Terms & Conditions.