Forms and Documents

During your studies at Pearson College London you may need to apply for special requests relating to your course, your assessment or attendance at the College. We have a range of forms which must be completed for such requests. In most cases, the completion of the form is the responsibility of the student concerned and all requests must be approved by the appropriate course tutor.

It is important to complete all forms fully and well in advance of any deadline. Course tutors and Student Services staff are here to provide support, guidance and answer any queries you may have. We request that forms are completed and submitted so we have an accurate record of each student’s journey during their studies at Pearson College London.

Additional support

Extensions and Extenuating circumstances should be requested through MYPCL.

Request For Reasonable Adjustments

Notification of Absence

Student attendance is monitored on all courses at Pearson College London. It is important that you notify the College about all absences during term time. If you are aware of a forthcoming absence, or if you have already experienced an unavoidable absence, you must complete and submit an Absence Form.

Further information on these procedures can be found in your student handbook.

A change to your studies

Should you need to alter the pattern of your studies during your course at Pearson College London, there are processes in place which can help. If you decide you want to change to a different course within Pearson College London or stay on your current course but change the mode (full time or part time), you should complete the Internal Transfer Form.

If you need to interrupt your studies for a specific reason, you must complete the Interruption of Studies Request Form. As part of this process you must give a clear reason for the interruption and dates of when you need to interrupt and when you plan to return. Finally, if you decide to withdraw entirely from your course, you must complete and return a Withdrawal Request Form.

Please be advised that before completing any of the forms you should contact your course tutor or a member of the College Registry to discuss your plans.

Research Ethics


You can also find a copy of the Student Complaints Form in this section. Please do consult the Pearson College London Student Complaints Policy before submitting this form. The College takes any student complaint extremely serious and all matters will be investigated thoroughly and in a timely fashion.