Student Experience Team

The Student Experience Team are on hand to help make day-to-day life as easy as possible for you, so you can really concentrate on your studies, and have a great student experience. We'll be here to help you settle in and make the most of things.

Pearson Business School

The newly appointed Student Experience Team within Pearson Business School consists of:

  • Lidia Kalinowska (Student Experience Manager)
  • Samuel Okusaga (Student Experience Apprentice)
  • Jasmine Maltby (Student Experience Apprentice)
  • Benjamin Peermemode Murphy (Student Experience Apprentice)

One of their responsibilities is making sure that the communication between students and the school is delivered regularly through various channels such as the online Student Zone and the internal newsletter 'News of the Week'.

In terms of events, students can always count on the Student Experience to deliver social, industry and educational events throughout the year. The team also ensures that students have a welcoming start to the academic year through an organisation of Fresher's Fair.

On the academic side of things the team also manages the Personal Tutor booking system and they can liaise to put students in touch with the tutors. Finally, last but not least, they also manage peer observation process to enhance academic rigour in teaching.

Escape Studios

The Student Experience Team know being part of the Escape community means you have the best possible experience whilst you’re studying. They love coming up with competitions and exciting events to get involved with, such as:

  • Nacho meet up - for the foodie lovers.
  • Marvel-lous movieland - yes it is comic con in a bar!
  • Unreal night - getting unreal in our games marathon
  • Cinema screenings - we've seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi here first

Studio assistants

Our Studio Assistants, part of the Student Experience Team, are on hand to provide support during your studies, they are the ray of light in the dark studios. They ensure everything runs smoothly so you can concentrate on crafting beautiful things, from providing assistance in class, offering feedback on your work to going out on shoot so you can get some authentic footage!

We work hard so that your experience is more than just studying. We want you to feel a part of our Escape Community, through events designed with our students in mind

Martina Sargiacomo, Head of Student Experience at Escape Studios