Term dates and timetable

The term dates for the current and next academic year are published here.

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Our academic year is divided into three terms: Autumn (AUT), Spring (SPR) and Summer (SUM).

Students on a standard three-year full time degree programme attend for the Autumn and Spring terms, while students on the two-year accelerated programme or the four-year part time programme also attend for the Summer term. Students who need to take a second sitting of an assessments may be required to do so during the Summer term.

You should make a note of the term dates in your own diary or calendar and ensure that you can attend College during all of the weeks that are not designated as “holiday”. This includes Reading Weeks, during which classes, assessment deadlines or other events may be timetabled. If you are absent from classes owing to illness or other unavoidable and unforeseen reasons, then you must complete a Notification of Absence form (if you are submitting the form after a period of absence) or Request for Absence form (if you are requesting a period of absence in the future). See notification of absence.

It is particularly important that you ensure that you are available for all assessments. Failure to attend an assessment may (depending on the rules of your programme) result in a mark of zero.

Most assessments take place during the weeks designated as “Revision/Assessment” weeks.

However, some assessments take place during teaching weeks. If you are ill or have other extenuating circumstances (these are circumstances which are unforeseen and beyond your control), and you miss (or are likely to miss) an assessment, then you should read the Guidance and seek advice as soon as possible from your personal tutor, programme leader or Student Services.