Wellbeing and Inclusivity Ambassadors

We're really pleased to announce Pearson College's Wellbeing and Inclusivity Ambassadors for 2020/21. This new role exists to help students from a diverse range of backgrounds communicate their views to staff, push and challenge us to continually get better at supporting you, and spread the word about our work to their fellow students. Here are just a few things they'll be working on this year:

  • Publicising the Inclusive Curriculum research project and help us run interviews to make the Business Management curriculum more diverse
  • Setting up disability discussion forums for our disabled students, including those with mental health concerns, to voice issus they're facing and further improve our processes
  • Improving the and expanding the contents of the Future Leaders scheme, including through personalised study skills support

Your ambassadors are:

Chris Bakalis

Chris Bakalis

(Disabilities Ambassador)

Hello! I'm Chris Bakalis, and I'm a first year Business Management student. I'm partially deaf in both ears and was 15 weeks premature at birth. I have been a long-standing advocate for supporting young people, equality and other related topics, before joining the College. I have worked within Local Government and now as a charity trustee. Most recently, I was selected to join the Government Youth Select Committee on Knife Crime. When I am not studying or procrastinating, you can find me cooking burgers or streaks on the barbeque come rain or shine – apologies to my vegan colleagues.

Remember just because a disability isn’t always visible doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have an impact. If you have any questions or comments regarding disability outreach delivered by the College please feel free to email me on chris.bakalis007@pearsoncollegelondon.ac.uk

Roukianicia Ardes

Roukianicia Ardes

(BAME Ambassador)

My name is Roukianicia Ardes and I am a final year Business Management student! I am very happy to have been appointed this role and I look forward to hearing from everyone for any queries or questions.

I have previously worked within the African and Caribbean Society as a social media manager and I also work part time in the customer service area (my friends say I am a great listener!).

I have always been aperson that fights for equality and to improve the world that we live in, so feel free to email me for anything that you need: 17103625@pearsoncollegelondon.ac.uk.

Ayshah Khatun

Ayshah Khatun

(Working Class and Non-Traditional Ambassador)

Hello! My name is Ayshah Khatun and I'm a first year Business Management student. I have worked alongside many charities including working alongside Centrepoint to tackle youth homelessness. I was chosen to be in the NCS local youth board in Manchester, where I helped to raise awareness through various events and raise funds to assist them. I also liked working with the Widows Empowerment Team promoting social inclusion for widows and raising funds through backpacking and various other initiatives to fund workshops. These workshops were attended by the public and supported by the youth to help bridge the gap and be informative.

I hope to represent and support you guys through this role. Please feel free to speak to me whenever you see me around, or email me on ayshah.khatun183@pearsoncollegelondon.ac.uk

Ayshah, Chris and Roukianicia have set up social media channels to keep you up to date with the projects they're running. Follow them on Insta or Twitter to make sure you know what they're doing for you this term. There's also a Google form pinned to the accounts where you can raise any issues you're facing with your study anonymously.