EU students

Are you an EU national?

It’s now even cheaper to study in the UK.

Since the UK Referendum, the pound sterling (British currency, commonly referred to as ‘the pound’) has fallen in value. Whilst a weak pound is bad news for UK residents travelling overseas, it’s great news for anyone coming to the UK!

If you’re an EU student considering studying in the UK, it’s now even cheaper due to improved exchanged rates. Day-to-day living costs will also be less expensive if you are paying for things in a foreign currency or exchanging your local money for pounds.

Even better value for money

At Escape Studios, you'll be taught by industry experienced tutors, in a studio environment and all of our courses are designed to get you job-ready!

Take a look at the cost of our courses, based on current exchange rates. Please remember that the actual cost will depend on the exchange rate at the time that you pay:


Price (£GBP)

1st May 2016
Exchange Rate EUR to GBP 1.274

24th August 2016

Exchange Rate EUR to GBP 1.18

Equivalent in euros with current exchange rate and early bird discount for full time course £1,000 (1,180€)

3D for Visual Effects 12 weeks full-time





Advanced 3D for Visual Effects 18 week course full-time





MA Visual Effects Production (3D) course full-time





*prices correct as of 9 February 2017

Read the full EU Statement, written by our Principal, Roxanne Stockwell.

Escape Studios is based in London, close to Soho, where most of the UK's major studios are situated. The academy was founded in 2002 with a singular vision - to solve the industry's lack of educated 'studio-ready' talent. Since then, over 4,000 have graduated from Escape Studios (our alumni are known as 'Escapees'!), and they're now working in VFX, games and animation around the globe.

Escape Studios EU students

Pearson College London (including Escape Studios) is completely committed to providing a welcoming, diverse and vibrant community for students and staff from across the globe.

Roxanne Stockwell, Principal Pearson Business School