The Pearson College Student Association

The Pearson College Student Association (PCSA) is run by students, for students. It is a big part of student life at Pearson College London, as the PCSA oversees a range of clubs and societies, providing something for everyone to make the most out of life in the city.

To find out more about what the PCSA are currently up to this year, check out the PCSA website.

''I aim to help the team run as efficiently as possible, making sure we’re making progress, and carrying out the plan that we made at the beginning of the year within the boundaries of our constitution. The PCSA is here to represent the students' views and aims to improve student welfare through hosting social events by running sports & societies and ensuring the student voice is heard within the college. Our goal for the year is to build upon the work that our predecessors put in place to further improve student welfare within the college. We have already implemented the new mentorship scheme, and we want to continue to be innovative with ways to enrich students' experience of Pearson College London throughout the year.''

Alex Page, PCSA President 2019

Sports and Societies

Students can join any club or society, regardless of their previous experience. If you don’t see something you fancy or have an idea for something new, then the PCSA can help you and other like-minded students to set up your own club!

Meet the PCSA team

The PCSA is made up of second year students from across the college and each member has a very specific role to play.

Come and meet the team at an Open Day!

  • Alex Page, PCSA President
  • Jordan Coles, PCSA Vice President
  • Ozlem Halibryam, Head of Charities
  • Oliver Gunner, Head of Sports
  • Mia Houghton, Head of Events
  • Jessica Hiles, Deputy Head of Events
  • Sebastian Reca, Head of Societies
  • Matilda Pinn, Degree Apprentice Representative
  • Becky Tweedale, Degree Apprentice Representative
  • Joshua Steyn, Escape Studios Representative
  • Ahad Paul, Financial Liaison Manager
  • Danika Lathia, Financial Budgeting and Funding Manager
  • Chris Adey, Financial Reporting Manager
  • Alexandra Moss, Legal Representative

PCSA Events

Usual events include Freshers Week, Halloween, Christmas, Summer Ball etc. however, there are always opportunities for new, exciting events!

“I believe joint experiences bring people closer together. I met many friends I still talk to now at Pearson events. I also befriended some people in the years above who I consider now as mentors. My vision for events 2019/2020 is to offer events that are inclusive to all years and all parts of the uni rather than just focus on the one. I want everyone to feel comfortable to make friends, excited, and to feel welcomed at Pearson college as I did when I joined.”

Mia Houghton, Head of Events


The Student Experience Team

The Student Experience Team works alongside the PCSA to provide students with the best possible experience whilst studying. They love coming up with competitions and exciting events, rather than running clubs like the PCSA does.

Find out more about the team here!

Student Central

Student Central is the University of London's student hub. Universities in London can have membership to Student Central but Pearson College is also entitled to this perk. This means that if you apply to become a member of student central via their website, then Pearson College will pay for your membership. Then, you will have access to their Bar (near Russell Square, and only a 15min walk from campus!), their sports facilities and their sports teams. Naturally you will need to pay a membership for the sports teams, however we believe that it is well worth the cost.

Head to their website to register and find out more!