Student Central

Not satisfied by the activities offered by the PCSA or The Student Experience Team? Not to worry! Pearson College London offers a free membership worth £40 to Student Central, a larger community that offers an even wider range of clubs and societies all across London. 

With just a 15 minute walk away from the Midtown Campus (or one stop away on the Piccadilly line), Student Central is a great place to spend your spare time, with their facilities including:

The Venue
Student Central host a wide range of gigs, and has previously seen bands such as Coldplay, Radiohead and U2. Honey G has also played there! 

Energy Base Gym*
Offering over 50 classes a week and access to the swimming pool, it is a great way to break away from your work and get fit. 

Food and Drink
The Gallery Bar and Diner is a great place to socialise, as well as the Lunchbox Cafe (P.S. They have free wifi here!). 

Other services
On top of this, Student Central also has a library, opticians, photocopying / printing services, conference rooms, the careers group, housing services, delivery receiving service, and there is even a shop where you can purchase University of London clothing. 

To find out more visit Student Central website

*Membership to the Energy Base Gym will cost an additional £20 per month