Student Conferences

Every aspect of your degree programme will be shaped by the employers we work with. Not only do they help to design and develop courses to fit the current needs and skills shortages in the workplace, but they also regularly come in to visit to deliver Student Conferences to help you develop the qualities and experience you’ll need for your career.

What are Student Conferences?

Our industry partners come in to visit students and deliver workshops, conferences, projects and Q&A sessions. The aim of Student Conferences are to help you connect what you’re learning in the classroom and apply this to the current issues / opportunities in industry.The topics covered at our Student Conferences are so broad, from personal development, training and advice, creating and developing new ideas, and so much more. There is so much to learn from big multinational businesses, as well as SME’s that can all be applied to what you’re learning in your degree.

Our industry events

To find out more about the Student Conferences and industry events, take a look at just a few of our blogs written by current students about previous events.

"I believe that student conferences are a great way to harness your skills and enhance your chances of gaining both valuable experience and knowledge"

~ Tiayanna Lall (current student)