Cookie policy

We use cookies to help us understand you better, so we can provide you with a more focused user-experience when you visit our website. Using the knowledge we’ve gained from your previous visits, we can enhance your future visits by tailoring our content to match your needs. First and foremost, we use cookies because we want to make our website user-friendly. We’re also interested in how you use our website, so we can keep on improving it. Generally, our cookies don’t store sensitive or personally identifiable information such as your name and address or credit card details. In the unlikely event that our website uses cookies to store personal information about you, we encrypt your personal data to prevent unauthorised use by anyone else. Here’s a list of the main types of cookies we use, and what we use them for. We’ve described them using the categories recommended by the International Chamber of Commerce in their UK Cookie Guide.

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential as they enable you to move around our website and use its features, such as accessing secure areas of the website. Without these cookies, we wouldn’t be able to provide you with services like online shopping baskets, ebilling or LiveChat. Because these cookies are strictly necessary, we don't need to ask your consent to use them.


Pearson College London uses services provided by LiveChat Inc. LiveChat provide our live chat service which allows website users to chat to us and ask questions. The information generated by the tracking code and cookie about your use of the website will be transmitted to and stored by LiveChat on servers in Dallas, USA and Germany. Through the LiveChat tracking code the information collected includes:

Device-specific data

The following information may be collected through your device and browser:

  • your device's IP address (collected and stored in anonymised format)
  • your email address including first name and surname
  • geographic location (country only)
  • preferred language used to display the webpage.

Log data

The following information may be collected through your device and browser:

  • referring domain
  • pages visited
  • geographic location (country only)
  • preferred language used to display the website
  • date and time when webpages were accessed

We will only use this information for the purpose of the chat and we do not link the information we store in cookies to any personal data you submit whilst on our site.

For information on how LiveChat collect and use your information, please refer to their privacy policies. By using LiveChat, you consent to the processing of the above data by LiveChat.

Functionality cookies

These cookies allow our website to remember the choices you make, such as your user name, language or the region you’re in, so we can provide you with enhanced, personal features. For instance, these cookies can be used to remember changes you’ve made to text size, fonts and other parts of web pages that can be customised. They may also be used to provide services you have asked for, such as watching a video or commenting on a blog. The information these cookies collect may be made anonymous and they can’t track your browsing activity on other websites. By using our website, you agree we may place these types of cookies on the device you’re using to view it.

Targeting or advertising cookies

We use these cookies to deliver adverts more relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement as well as to help measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

These cookies remember that you have visited our website and use this information to tailor advertising for our products and services when you visit third party websites.

The cookies are placed by advertising networks. In line with Internet Advertising Bureau guidelines, our online advertising served via this method includes the AdChoices icon. Clicking on that icon will give more information about tracking cookies and allow you to opt out of receiving further targeted advertising.

For more information, and how to opt out of these cookies, visit the AdChoices website.