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  • Barclays Innovation Awards 2018

    by Rachael Jones

    Barclays Innovation Awards 2018

    At Pearson College London we encourage all of our students to enter awards to help them celebrate their academic and personal successes. We caught up with one of our first year students, Damian, to tell us more about the award he was shortlisted for and what he’s going to be up to next.

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  • Welcome, from the 2018 PCSA

    by Taylor O'Callaghan

    Frances Trought

    If you’re a new student, potential student, parent or just a fan of Pearson College London, then you’re probably wondering what the PCSA is.

    The PCSA are here to represent all students at Pearson College London, ensuring their university needs are met and that they get the most out of life in the BIG CITY. The PCSA is made up of second year students from across the college and each member has a very specific role to play.

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