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  • Tax Breaks Bring Boost for UK Animation

    by Alex Williams

    The British Film Institute recently released some new data showing the big impact that UK Govt tax relief has had on animation production here in the UK over the last few years. Tax relief has been a big success, and has led to a big increase in animation production. As a result, despite the tax cuts, the Treasury is collecting more tax, not less, thanks to the increase in overall business. 

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  • Pixar's Aaron Hartline Talks Creativity

    by Alex Williams

    Aaron Hartline, Pixar

    Pixar's Aaron Hartline gave a great talk at the VFX Festival  earlier this year on the subject of creativity, titled "Turning on Your Creative Light Bulb". Aaron was here in London to mentor our short course animators, and help us reach Pixar-quality standards in our animation teaching. His talk was aimed in particular at animators, who are always looking to come up with inventive and fresh solutions to animation problems.

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