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  • Studying a Top-up Degree

    by Nicholas Smer

    Nicholas Smer

    Nicholas studies our BSc (Honours) Business and Enterprise Top-up degree

    Why did you choose to study a top-up degree?

    After my A-Levels I decided to study a HND course in Business Studies to expand my learning prospects. From the beginning I knew I wanted to go on and study a top-up degree. For me, education is important. I wanted to expand my knowledge and communication skills. I knew studying a top-up degree and getting the full BSc, would go towards helping me with endless possibilities in the job market.

    Why did you choose to study at Pearson College London?

    Learning within a business environment is a bonus. An extra bonus is the fact it is a FTSE 100 company. Of course everyone has doubts, but when I contacted Pearson College to find out more information, I could instantly feel the relaxing, yet professional atmosphere. Top lecturers, top resources, industry events, networking, location... I can go on and on. I absolutely know I made the right choice with Pearson College London; there’s no competition.

    How you have found the course so far?

    I’m not going to lie, some modules have been challenging, however if something is too easy, then what’s to learn? With the continuous support from lecturers, the Programme Leader, Head of Career Development and everyone else at Pearson College London, I feel Pearson College London has given me the positivity and confidence to succeed on this course and in life.

    Is there any general advice that you’d give to students considering a top-up degree?

    I honestly can’t stress this enough…

    Ask QUESTIONS!! As many questions as necessary, because that is what Pearson College London are there for.
    Get a diverse perspective from family and friends – this helps answer questions that you may not have thought about, but are important.
    Ultimately, this has to be YOUR choice. If your head isn’t in the game or your not happy with your choices, then you won’t succeed. Do a top-up because you want to, not because you have to.
    Some people may have to take a longer route to get to where they want, but it’s worth it!

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