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  • How you can have a creative lunch break at Escape Studios

    by Rachael Jones

    Escape Studios

    As a student at Escape Studios, you should always be on the lookout for the next inspiration to inject fresh vision into your work. Luckily for you, Escape Studios is at the heart of creative London with world-leading museums and galleries so close, you could visit them in an hour lunch break!

    Here are a few need-to-visit places to take your creative practice to the next level:

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  • The Edge Foundation - Our Plan for Higher Education Report

    by Rachael Jones

    Edge Foundtion

    Dr Elizabeth Miller is a tutor and researcher at Pearson Business School; and she recently contributed to The Edge Foundation report - Our Plan for Higher Education, diverse employment-focused and value for money. The report looks into the changing world of higher education, the changing structure of the labour market, promising new approaches and the future of higher education.

    >> Read the full report here

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  • Pearson PLC Industry Day

    by Rachael Jones

    John Fallon

    Industry Days at Pearson College London are a great way for students to network, learn more about a company they could potentially work for after graduation and put into practice what they have learnt in class. 

    On Tuesday 5th November, first year business school students attended the Pearson PLC industry day and were set a task by CEO, John Fallon. Here's what two students thought about the experience. 

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