Houdini Product Launch

Escape Studios is proud to announce that we are the official partner of the 2016 Houdini Product Launch in London.

With an exclusive event on Pearson College London’s prestigious 10th Floor, guests will be given an exclusive demo of the hotly anticipated Houdini update, tipped to be a big step forward in the gaming and animation world, not just VFX.

With Escape Studio’s Head of 3D Mark Spevick at the helm, Escape Studios has long been known for our Tutor’s expertise and specialism in software such as Houdini - with Industry talks, events and workshops hugely sought-after and successful.

The event itself is now SOLD OUT, but we will be filming and sharing all the action on our YouTube Channel after the event so you don’t miss a thing! In the meantime, take a look at our free Houdini tutorial from Mark Spevick himself, and prepare for the fantastic new realm of possibilities with Houdini!

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