Making the most of the 12 basic principles of animation

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Polish your animation

Get ready for our next Motion Graphics webinar on the use of the 12 basic principles of animation. Register now to follow Thiago Maia Head of Motion Graphics at Escape Studios, and founder of Cookie Studios, as he takes you through his top tips to improve your animations.

Get to grips with After Effects

Thiago will demonstrate how to transform a simple linear cube animation into something more interesting just by applying a few of the 12 principles of animation. He’ll show you how to edit the animation curves in the After Effects graphic editor and how to play with the animation timing in order to make your animation look more polished and smoother. You’ll be able to download the After Effects project file to work from during the webinar from the confirmation email you’ll receive closer to the date.

The host

Thiago Maia is the Head of Motion Graphics at Escape Studios. After starting his animation career in São Paulo, Brazil, he moved to London to work for some major studios and brands such as MTV, Nokia, Samsung, BBC and Nickelodeon. He is the co-founder of the See No Evil events and founder of Cookie Studio.


During the demonstration, Alex will show you how to make Monty happy, sad, angry, or scared, masculine or feminine, and even turn him into a goose-stepping soldier! All with a basic walk cycle, and in just a few clicks.

It's a great technique that breaks down apparently complex outcomes into simple, basic steps that any animator can master.

The host

Alex Williams is the Head of Animation here at Escape Studios. He has over 25 years experience working in the animation industry and some of his film credits include; The Lion KingRobotsThe Road to El DoradoWho Framed Roger Rabbit and The Iron Giant (to name but a few!). He also has 20 years experience working and teaching in higher education.More recently, Alex won at the Cartoon Art Trust Awards for his “Queen’s Counsel” cartoon strip in the Times, and he wrote an article for Creative Bloq about 8 ways to shine as an animator.

Check out Alex’s blog to discover more about his work and experience.

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