Our news stories highlight all the great things going on at Pearson College London, including our students’ achievements, so they’re a great way to keep up to date with life here.

  • Pearson PLC Industry Day

    by Rachael Jones

    John Fallon

    Industry Days at Pearson College London are a great way for students to network, learn more about a company they could potentially work for after graduation and put into practice what they have learnt in class. 

    On Tuesday 5th November, first year business school students attended the Pearson PLC industry day and were set a task by CEO, John Fallon. Here's what two students thought about the experience. 

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  • Escape Studios Scholarships 2017

    by Rachael Jones

    Escape Studios

    The first term for our new students has officially begun! Our second cohort of Escape Studios undergraduates have already been treated to talks from VFX legends including Eamonn Butler and Tom Sito and now our scholarship winners have been chosen!

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  • Why analytical skills are so important?

    by Rachael Jones

    Pearson College London

    What are analytical skills and why do you need them?

    Having great analytical skills is not just the reserve of the Data Analyst or Accountant. If you’re looking at a career in Finance, Marketing, Operations, or hope to start your own business, analytical skills are more important than ever. 

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  • My top tips: what to do in London, whilst visiting us!

    by Hannah Pinney


     In 1777, English writer Samuel Johnson famously said:

    "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford" and that is certainly something our students know to be true.

    London has an unlimited source of activities; we’ve picked our top five to do whilst you visit Pearson College London!

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  • WeWork Sponsored Degree Event

    by Charlie Fox

    TAP Founders

    Pearson College London has built a reputation for offering new and innovative courses as an alternative to traditional degrees from Universities in the UK. One of our newest course offerings is a Degree Apprenticeship Scheme that is aimed specifically at SMEs and Start-Ups. The thinking behind such a scheme was to offer smaller enterprises the same benefits that the larger corporates have experienced from having a Degree Apprentice.

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  • A message from Head of Sport at PCSA

    by Rachael Jones


    Hi to all students wishing to or are about to embark on their studies at Pearson College London. My name is Ollie and I am studying Business Management with Marketing student in my 2nd Year. Alongside this I am also the Head of Sport for the Pearson College Students Association (PCSA), meaning I have the role and responsibility to organise sporting teams and events throughout the year.

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  • While you’re waiting for our next Degree Apprenticeships

    by Sara Roberts

    Degree Apprenticeships

    If you are waiting for our next Degree Apprenticeship applications to be announced, or thinking about doing a Degree Apprenticeship in the future, make sure you’re all set and ready for when the process starts!

    We have put together some helpful hints for you, to help get you ready to stand out from the crowd.


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