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In the media

Game Jam 2019
21 May 2019

The 2019 Escape Studios Game Jam is happening on the 31st May - 2nd June.

Game of Thrones season 8: Secret behind Daenerys Targaryen’s destruction revealed
18 May 2019

Our Senior VFX Tutor, Allar Kaasik shared his opinion how Game of Thrones created some of the VFX heavy scenes. Express

Escape Studios Game Jam
13 May 2019

The annual Escape Studios Game Jam is back and this year they've partnered with mobile games developer Outplay, games studio Creative Assembly and industry publication 3DWorld Magazine. Taking place on 31st May – 2nd June 2019 at 190 High Holborn, London. Train2Game

How to make the apprenticeship levy fit for purpose
1 May 2019

The second anniversary of the apprenticeship levy may have become a distant memory but our Principal, Roxanne Stockwell shares her thoughts on how to make the levy fit for purpose. FE News

My Odd Job: Working with Christopher Nolan on The Dark Knight’s special effects was a career highlight
29 April 2019

Our Head of 2D, Davi Stein has worked as a Compositor on many blockbuster films. Find out more about some of these projects and her career. The Metro

Artist Inspiration Series: Linda Spaggiari – Compositor of TV series and Movies
25 April 2019

Linda Spaggiari has worked as a Compositor for Peerless VFX and Union Visual Effects and within a freelance capacity too. Check out Linda’s professional career and her advice to budding VFX artists. Virtual Assist

Lease Accounting: Getting read for a new approach 
18 April 2019

It is all go in the financial reporting world. With three key new IFRS standards taking effect in 2018/2019, companies need to get in shape to embrace the changes and provide stakeholders with the key information and explanations needed to understand the – sometimes huge – impact they will have on financial statements. Pearson Business School’s Jennifer South writes. The Accountant

The Matrix at 20: 'This movie inspired me' says Harry Potter VFX designer Davi Stein
8 April 2019

THE MATRIX sees its twentieth anniversary this June. In the years since the Wachowskis breakthrough mind-bending hit Davi Stein, Head of Compositing (2D VFX) at Escape Studios, talks us through the biggest changes to technology and the working environment. The Express

Big data, data analytics, machine automation, AI - why should these concern the auditor of tomorrow
28 March 2019

Our accountancy tutor Jennifer South FCA MA (Oxon) outlines how new technologies including AI and data analytics will transform audit. Accountancy Age

How You Can Put Theories into Practice as a Degree Apprentice
11 March 2019

A degree apprenticeship combines university study with practical skills gained in the workplace and the security of a regular salary. This allows apprentices to work and learn simultaneously, encouraging the application of theories to the workplace and the application of industry knowledge to the degree. Not Going To Uni

Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers: ‘Could’ve gone wrong’ Jorah star's stunt unveiled
9 March 2019

Michelle Blok, from The Third Floor worked as lead previs supervisor on the sixth and seventh series’ and spoke about the visual effects at The VFX Festival: Emerging Talent. The Amed Post

Why Choose an Apprenticeship?
7 March 2019

Find out why one of our Degree Apprentices, Katie chose to study a degree apprenticeship instead of a traditional degree. Not Going To Uni 

Artist Inspiration Series: Francesco Russo – Cinematography to Digital Compositor
6 March 2019

Meet one of our Escapees Francesco Russo, find out about some of the projects he's worked on and his advice to anyone looking to start their careers in the industry. Virtual Assist 

National Apprenticeship Week: ukactive teams up with Pearson for manager degree
4 March 2019

ukactive has partnered with the Pearson Business School to deliver a chartered manager degree apprenticeship for those working in the physical activity sector. Leisure Opportunities 

National Apprenticeship Week: ukactive teams up with Pearson for manager degree
4 March 2019

ukactive has partnered with the Pearson Business School to deliver a chartered manager degree apprenticeship for those working in the physical activity sector. Exercise Professionals 

National Apprenticeship Week: ukactive teams up with Pearson for manager degree
4 March 2019

ukactive has partnered with the Pearson Business School to deliver a chartered manager degree apprenticeship for those working in the physical activity sector. Sports Management 

National Apprenticeship Week: ukactive teams up with Pearson for manager degree
4 March 2019

ukactive has partnered with the Pearson Business School to deliver a chartered manager degree apprenticeship for those working in the physical activity sector. Leisure Week 

National Apprenticeship Week: ukactive teams up with Pearson for manager degree
4 March 2019

ukactive has partnered with the Pearson Business School to deliver a chartered manager degree apprenticeship for those working in the physical activity sector. Health Club Management 

Fantastic Beasts 2 special effects secrets: Niffler moment you missed to Hogwarts
16 February 2019

Christian Manz, who works on Fantastic Beasts, recently spoke at The VFX Festival and he shared some insight into how the team at Framestore created the VFX for the second installment for Fantastic Beasts - from the creatures to locations. The Mirror 

VR needs to be led by creatives, not hardware cycles
16 February 2019

Some of our tutors recently worked on a VR project for Patrick Morgan which was featured at the V&A. Find out more about the project and the future of Virtual Reality.Acrosoft Solutions

VR needs to be led by creatives, not hardware cycles
16 February 2019

Some of our tutors recently worked on a VR project for Patrick Morgan which was featured at the V&A. Find out more about the project and the future of Virtual Reality.Tech Radar

Artist Inspiration Series: Success story of Davide Prato – TD Generalist at DNEG
11 February 2019

Our alumni have gone onto great things. Check out one of our Escapee's sucess story and find out more about some of the projects he's worked on. Virtual Assist 

Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers: Davos Seaworth star drops MAJOR series bombshell
11 February 2019

Michelle Blok from visualisation studio The Third Floor spoke to at The VFX Festival about getting scripts before the actors and not be able to tell them anything. Express

Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers: 'Don't say anything' Cast script secret unveiled
10 February 2019

Michelle Blok from visualisation studio The Third Floor worked as the Previs Supervisor on seasons six and seven of Game of Thrones and she spoke at The VFX Festival about working on the epic series. Express

How can apprenticeships help improve your business efficiency?
4 February 2019

Apprenticeships are a useful tool but their potential impact on businesses is often unnoticed. It is a cost-effective way to uniquely train a workforce to a particular business. Not Going To Uni

Training lawyers for tomorrow 
4 February 2019

Studying to be a lawyer comes at a price. Head of Law at Pearson Business School, John Clifford shares an insight into how we're preparing students for a career in law. The Law Society Gazette 

Yes, there really is a creative career crisis
28 January 2019

62% of UK students feel they have not been made aware of a future within the creative industries by teachers or career advisors. Study International

Women in Animation – A Journey into the Industry: Illiana Franklin
22 January 2019

Find out more about our Animation tutor, Illiana Franklin and some of the projects she's worked on. Skwigly 

Almost a Third of Students Want To Join The Creative Industries
14 January 2019

40% of students feel that they haven’t received enough information from teachers and careers advisors around the opportunities available to them within the creative industries – even though an estimated 1.2m creative workers are needed in the UK by 2022. Train2Game

Survey reveals parents' reluctance to encourage careers in creative industries
14 January 2019

Lack of information at schools presents another barrier to students entering careers in the sector. Games Press

Survey reveals parents' reluctance to encourage careers in creative industries
14 January 2019

Lack of information at schools presents another barrier to students entering careers in the sector.

Schools failing students when it comes to jobs in the creative industries
11 January 2019

The creative industries sector is now worth a massive £101.5bn GVA to the UK economy, and with this growth one-fifth of all UK students are choosing to pursue roles in the industry over other sectors. Invision Community

Future Students Reveal The Need to Bridge the Gap Between Education and the Creative Industries
11 January 2019

71% of the future workforce, aged 16-25, have a passionate desire to join the UK’s fastest growing industry. Gamasutra

Roxanne Stockwell: We need to work together to fill the skills gap
11 January 2019

Our Principal, Roxanne Stockwell shares her thoughts on the 2018 CBI report and what businesses need to do to work together Yorkshire Post

A lack of skilled workers is problem for most Northern Ireland bosses
14 December 2018 

Three-in-four businesses in Northern Ireland fear they will be unable to find sufficiently skilled people for new vacancies. Belfast Telegraph

Higher skilled roles in London rise, as skills gaps grow
14 December 2018 

The 2018 CBI survey shows the continued importance of graduates to London's economy, but highlights that more needs to be done to ensure businesses has access to skills for  the future. London Loves Business 

The Solicitors Qualifying Exam: everything we know so far
4 December 2018 

Legal education and training will change in 2021 with the introduction of the new Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE). Here is everything we know about the new exams.

Ben Hughes - Our MLaw degree has prepared Pearson Business School for the Solicitors Qualifying Exam
15 November 2018 

Ben Hughes, our vice principal (industry engagement) shares his thoughts on SQE and how Pearson Business School is already preapred.

Legal education shake-up opens up UK profession
30 October 2018 

With a radical shake-up on how lawyers are trained, our Head of Law, John Clifford assesses the future for legal education in the UK. Global Legal Post

Jobs in Games: How Simon Fenton became head of games at Escape Studios and his advice for devs breaking through
22 October 2018 

Head of games Simon Fenton, designed our undergraduate degrees and MA in Game Art. He met with Pocket Gamer to discuss his journey into games and what advice he has for others building a career in the industry. Pocket Gamer

Escape Studios: Training the future of the industry
15 October 2018 

Head of Animation, Alex Williams shares his thoughts on what kind of students study at Escape Studios, the opportunities available and why study at Escape Studios. Animation Week

Students can earn and learn (debt free) with Red Carnation Hotels
14 September 2018 

The Red Carnation Hotel Collection is the first company in the hospitality sector to work with Pearson College London to fund students’ university Business Studies degrees, plus offer real-life work experience in the hotel industry.  Hospitality and Catering News

Accounting Education: Where are we heading?
13 September 2018 

Will Holt, Dean of Pearson Business School and Laura Marshall, Accounting Tutor spoke about our unique approach to accounting education. Global Accountant 

One-way ticket to an uncertain destination
10 September 2018 

The clock is ticking on Solicitors Qualifying Exam. Ben Hughes shares his thoughts on the SRA in shake up. Law Gazette

How the biggest movies are replacing actors and sets with CGI
3 September 2018 

Not every actor you see onscreen is exactly as they seem, even when it comes to the Avengers and Star Wars. Radio Times

Halls or no halls? How to pick decent university accommodation
16 August 2018 

Wherever you stay, finding good digs can make a huge difference to the student experience. The Guardian

March of the apprentices 
18 July 2018 

An apprenticeship is often the fast track to career success. Pearson Business School apprentice shares her experience studying a degree and working full-time. Chartered Management Institute 

Insider diary: How IBM trains its future leaders
17 July 2018 

Rotational Degree Apprentice, Olivia Smith gives an insight into what life is like for an IBM apprentice. Chartered Management Institute 

Proof the Apprenticeship Levy could create female CEOs
5 July 2018 

Pearson College London student, Olivia Smith shares her experience as a Degree Apprentice working as an assistant brand manager at Unilever, supply chain at Tesco, and working at IBM. Chartered Management Institute 

How I got my first job in Visual Effects
29 June 2018 

Laura Macfadyen studided VFX at Escape Studios and since completing her course she landed a job as a Matte Painter and worked on films including Thor: Ragnarok, Paddington 2 and Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them. Cosmopolitan 

Escape Studios’ Game Jam
14 June 2018 

External listing for the Escape Studios Game Jam 2018. Gamasutra

Escape Studios’ Game Jam
8 June 2018 

External listing for the Escape Studios Game Jam 2018. Games Industry Biz

Escape Studios’ Game Jam
8 June 2018 

External listing for the Escape Studios Game Jam 2018. Skwigly

The Red Carnation Hotel Collection Launches Degree Apprenticeship Scheme
8 June 2018 

Multi award-winning family run global hotel company partners with Pearson Business School, to launch their first Degree Apprenticeship programme. Premier Construction News 

The Red Carnation Hotel Collection Launches Degree Apprenticeship Scheme
7 June 2018 

Multi award-winning family run global hotel company partners with Pearson Business School, to launch their first Degree Apprenticeship programme. Luxury Hospitality Magazine

The Red Carnation Hotel Collection Launches Degree Apprenticeship Scheme
6 June 2018 

Multi award-winning family run global hotel company partners with Pearson Business School, to launch their first Degree Apprenticeship programme. Hotel Magazine

The Red Carnation Hotel Collection Launches Degree Apprenticeship Scheme
5 June 2018 

Multi award-winning family run global hotel company partners with Pearson Business School, to launch their first Degree Apprenticeship programme. Hospitality and Catering News 

Game of Thrones season 8: Visual effects artist reveals The Wall’s mind-blowing secret
28 May 2018 

Clement Gharini, a cinematography tutor at Escape studios shared the secrets behind the wall on Game of Thrones.

Female filmmaker Friday: A conversation with VFX Artist Davi Stein
11 May 2018 

Head of Compositing at Escape Studios, Davi Stein, has worked on some of the biggest genre films around, including The Dark Knight to The Matrix Revolutions. She shared her experience in the industry and what the future of VFX might look like. SyFy Wire

Doctor Who season 11 news: Visual effects artist reveals incredible series BOMBSHELL
4 May 2018 

Clement Gharini, a cinematography tutor at Escape studios shared his favourote VFX TV moments and what makes them so impressive.

We need to get back to apprenticeships basics
6 April 2018 

Marking the first year of the UK’s apprenticeship levy, Roxanne Stockwell argues for a move back to basic skills-based education. Times Higher Education

Degree apprenticeships are quietly revolutionising higher education
1 April 2018 

Universities will need to think hard about how they will respond to the growing popularity of the qualification, says Elizabeth Miller. Times Higher Education

Doctor Who’s special effects team reveal secrets behind villains and the key to timeless effects
20 March 2018 

The studio behind the VFX for Doctor Who, Milk shared insight into how they keep their VFX timless and what it has been like to work on such an iconic series. The team worked on the series from David Tennant to Peter Capaldi. Metro

How Star Wars: The Last Jedi created its epic lightspeed sequence
7 March 2018 

The team behind the VFX for Star Wars: The Last Jedi shared insight at the VFX Festival on how they had to go international to create the stand-out scene in the film. Mirror 

A Star Wars toy forced Rian Johnson to change The Last Jedi
15 February 2018 

The team behind the VFX for Star Wars: The Last Jedi revealed at the VFX Festival how much of a influence merchandise had on the visual effects. Radio Times 

BBC told staff the next Doctor was a man to keep Jodie Whittaker a secret
15 February 2018 

At the VFX Festival earlier this month the Doctor Who’s visual effects team reveal that they were “thrown off the scent” when asked to create work for a new male Time Lord. Radio Times

The VFX Festival 2018 line-up boasts Star Wars, Thor Ragnarok, Doctor Who and more!
1 February 2018 

The VFX Festival 2018 hits Rich Mix in Shoreditch on 6 February and genre fans won’t want to miss it. The festival lets you go behind the scenes of some of last year’s biggest film and TV. SciFiNow 

The best design, art & animation events in 2018: Exhibitions, conferences, festivals
29 January 2018 

If you love VFX or work in the industry, then you'll want to attend the UK's biggest VFX festival. Featured talks include ILM, Dneg, Blue Zoo and The Mill.

The VFX Festival 2018
29 January 2018 

The VFX Festival is back! Now in it's 6th year the festival will look at the VFX, Animation and Games created in the past year. Highlights to look forward to include ILM presenting on their work for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The VFX Festival at Rich Mix 
26 January 2018 

Headliners include ILM, Framestore and Creative Assembly, MPC, DNeg, The Mill, Cinesite, Blue Zoo, Climax Studios, REWIND and Aaron Hartline Animator at PIXAR Animation Studios.

The VFX Festival reveals incredible line-up
26 January 2018 

The VFX Festival has returned for its sixth year. Run by Escape Studios, part of Pearson College London, the three-day event, will run from 6 – 8 February 2018, in association with arts and cultural venue, Rich Mix.

Vince Cable claims apprentice levy is a nightmare
25 January 2018 

The government’s £3bn apprenticeship levy has turned into a “bureaucratic nightmare”, Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable said Wednesday night. Evening Standard

The VFX Festival 2018
25 January 2018 

The VFX Festival is an annual festival that celebrates the past year of VFX, animation, games and motion graphics. As usual there'll be talks from the biggest studios including; ILM, Framestore and Creative Assembly who will all be talking about some of their biggest titles of 2017. Culture Whisper 

Kick Start Your Career with a Graduate Job Before You Graduate
24 January 2018 

Our Deputy Vice Principal of Talent Development, Frances Trought shares her thoughts on why work experience whilst at university is important and where students can look for work. The Big Choice 

London's VFX Festival 2018 announces headliner talks
19 January 2018 

In just over 2 weeks the 6th annual VFX Festival 2018 will take place. Headline talks include Framestore talking about their work on Thor: Ragnarok and Paddington 2 and One of Us joins the festival to talk about its work on series 2 of The Crown.

Should lecturers have careers outside academia?
17 January 2018 

Those currently working in the university sector are living through a period of change, says Roxanne Stockwell 

Young people want creative jobs but schools don’t support them, survey shows
15 January 2018 

Research has found that half of 16-25-year-olds surveyed want to pursue creative careers, but nearly two thirds do not feel they receive adequate guidance to do so by teachers or career advisers. design week 

The Future of Skills
7 November 2017 

Ben Hughes chaired our recent Centre for Industry Engagement event looking at soft skills and why they remain such tough nuts to crack.

Escape Studios: Why we need video games in the classroom
2 November 2017 

Our Head of Games, Simon Fenton wrote an article for PC Games Insider about how do we get children into the industry and bring gaming into schools. 

The Rich Mix Scholarship at Escape Studios 
31 October 2017 

Rich Mix and Escape Studios are thrilled to launch The Rich Mix Scholarship for the second year running, offering local students the chance to secure a fully paid scholarship! Rich Mix 

The VFX Festival 2018
8 October 2017 

Over three jam-packed days we will present the most dynamic and enterprising films, games and animations of the past year. The festival assembles industry leaders through a range of talks, workshops, panels and interactive exhibition spaces.

Apprenticeships based on 'overly simplistic' view of labour market
28 September 2017 

The new Nesta and Pearson report highlights the skills that are the most important for the future of the UK labour market in light of increased automation. tes

Announcing Access:VFX
8 September 2017 

ACCESS:VFX is a cross-company initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the VFX industry. Many VFX companies, educational organisations and bodies have come together to plan and create events to raise awareness and champion the important issue, helping to bring about change. UK Screen Aliiance 

How students can avoid a financial crisis
8 September 2017 

L'Oreal are looking for "bright, ethusiastic and driven candidates" to work four days at their Hammersmith HQ and study at Pearson Business School on Fridays. Students will gain a BA Honours degree in business management as well as 2.25 work experience at one of the worlds biggest cosmetics companies.

Times Higher Education Awards 2017 shortlist announced
7 September 2017 

Pearson College London shortlisted for ‘Oscars’ of the higher education - 'Business School of the Year' and 'Outstanding University Entrepreneurship Award'. Times Higher Education 

Clearing Empowers Students To Make The Right Choices About Their Future
6 September 2017 

For some people A level results day will have been the culmination of two years of hard work; for others, it will have been disappointing. Huffington Post

New workers ‘not skilled enough’ say Scottish firms
22 August 2017 

Almost two thirds of Scottish firms are concerned they will be unable to recruit sufficiently skilled employees over the next few years, a new survey has indicated. Evening Telegraph (Dundee)

London employers raise concerns over access to high-level skills
22 August 2017 

Pearson College London calls for higher education and businesses to work more closely together. London Loves Business 

Employers and universities must join forces to prepare graduates for work
22 August 2017 

Yorkshire's employers and universities must join forces to prepare graduates for the world of work, according to a new study. Yorkshire Post

Pupils celebrate their stars as A level results are announced in and around Saffron Walden and Cambridge
17 August 2017 

Students were celebrating across the district today (Thursday, August 17) as a record number in several schools achieved top results. Saffron Walden Reporter

Clearing: the rules of adjustment
17 August 2017 

If you’ve exceeded your grade requirements, adjustment offers a five-day window to trade up your university or course, without losing your original place. The Guardian 

London only the 53rd most liveable city
17 August 2017 

Roxanne Stockwell, Principal of Pearson College London, spoke to Jumoke Fashola about stuyding in London and the university clearing process. BBC Radio London

Alumni Success - Jellyfish Bolsters Team with Appointment of Dave Well
07 August 2017 

Dave was previously the head of technical pre-sales at Data Storage Solutions and after studying our an 18-week advanced Nuke compositing course he is now the new pipeline TD and compositor at Jellyfish.

Five Steps to Chosing the Right Univeristy 
3 August 2017 

With a record numbers of students applying to go to university in the UK, it is more important than ever that students know how to find the right university and the right course. School House

Apprenticeships: it's time to focus on quality not quantity
5 July 2017 

Roxanne Stockwell, Principal of Pearson College, talks about the benefits of Degree apprenticeships for employers. theguardian

Escape Studios Game Jam 2017: Getting In The Rhythms
3 July 2017 

The winners of Escape Studio’s sophomore Game Jam tells us how they did it all… with no sleep! 3Dartistonline

Secrets of my success: Hollywood animator Alex Williams
29 June 2017 

Head of Animation, Alex Williams shares his tips for the top. Evening Standard

Degree apprenticeships and degrees can be equal - Ben Hughes
30 May 2017 

Degree apprenticeships are a genuine game changer and should not be viewed as the poor relation of academic education, writes Pearson College London's Ben Hughes. tes

Baroness Wolf: 'Apprenticeships and degrees can never be equal'
18 May 2017

Baroness Wolf of Dulwich, speaking on a panel about apprenticeships at Pearson College London, said that people should not attempt to match an apprenticeship with universty study. "To start off with that as the aim: in a way you’re sort of dooming it," Baroness Wolf said. tes

Ensuring the apprenticeship levy is not doomed to fail
12 May 2017

Roxanne Stockwell, Principal of Pearson College, talks about the new apprenticeship levy, labelled a “blunt instrument” by MP's but it is still an opportunity not to be missed. HR Magazine 

Making our dreams: Kareem at The VFX Festival
12 May 2017

Art Director, Kareem took to the stage at the VFX Festival in London earlier this year, to give a talk called 'Making our Dreams': a talk exploring the principle of expressive UGC and world design. Media Molecule

Pearson Business School joins forces with edtech startup
8 May 2017 

Pearson Business School, the first higher education provider founded by a FTSE 100 company, is announcing the launch of an innovative business incubator partnership, with ed-tech start-up The Access Platform. Education Technology 

Lion King animator says live-action remakes can be as good as Disney's cartoon classic movies
6 April 2017

The industry has seen the trend of 'live action' remakes boom over the last few years, from the recent release of Beauty and The Beast, to last year’s VFX Oscar winner The Jungle Book. DigitalArts

The apprenticeship levy will only fail if employers fail to use it – lose the pessimism and give it a shot!
6 April 2017

The idea behind the Levy is very simple. The Government is committed to recruiting 3 million apprentices by 2020 and is introducing the Levy to both fund this reform and, crucially, encourage businesses to participate. HR News

April 6th Is A Carpe Diem Moment For Businesses And Education
15 March 2017

Roxanne Stockwell, Principal of Pearson College, talks about the new Apprenticeship levy and how it represents a huge opportunity for employers to reshape the way they manage skills-based learning. Huffington Post

Featured on UNILAD Film
13 March 2017

Featured on UNILAD Film
8 March 2017

Meet the pioneers earning as they learn: Christopher Achiampong
7 March 2017 

At just 22, Christopher Achiampong's enthusiasm and talent have already got him noticed, appearing as the face of the government's 'Get in, go far' apprenticeships campaign. CMI

How to start your digital art journey
13 February 2017

Last week, Escape Studios hosted its annual VFX Festival, where experts in the field of CG, animation, visual effects and motion graphics gather to showcase and discuss the latest and greatest in industry goings-on. Creative Bloq

The VFX Festival 2017: Interviews with VFX teams behind Fantastic Beasts, The Jungle Book, and Star Trek Beyond
10 February 2017

Watch exclusive interviews with the true pioneers of VFX below. Yahoo Movies UK

MPC wins big at Visual Effects Society awards
10 February 2017

3D Artist spoke to MPC Advertising’s head of 3D about the victories. 3DArtist

The Crown to bring more historical locations to life with "more ambitious" season two special effects
10 February 2017

The Crown visual effects company One of Us reveal what is filmed and what is animated in the lavish Netflix drama. Radio times

Yahoo Live at The VFX Festival 2017 with MPC
9 February 2017

Yahoo Live with MPC at Escape Studios The VFX Festival to talk about their Oscar-nominated VFX work on Disney's The Jungle Book. Yahoo Movies UK

How a nuclear explosion and a 19th-century painter inspired Rogue One's most destructive moments
9 February 2017

One of the film’s biggest and most destructive moments was inspired by a combination of real-life nuclear explosions – and some 19th-century Romantic paintings. Radio times

Yahoo Live at The VFX Festival 2017 with Double Negative
8 February 2017

Yahoo Live at Escape Studios' The VFX Festival with Double Negative talking about the VFX they did on Star Trek Beyond. Yahoo Movies UK

Films tipped for award success from the artists that made them
7 February 2017

Awards season has officially started, with the BAFTAS and Oscars announcements, everyone is buzzing about whose going to win big. Back to the Movies

The Government is championing new university providers - but where's the evidence to prove they're fit for purpose?
17 January 2017

Roxanne Stockwell, Principal of Pearson College, contributed an essay to a Higher Education Policy Institute publication in response to the Green Paper of late 2015 in which she too set out the claim that exciting, innovative would-be new universities were being kept out by incumbent institutions bent on stifling their innovation. The Telegraph

Who should win the Best Visual Effects Oscar, according to VFX experts?
12 January 2017

To help get the inside track on which movies deserve to win, Yahoo Movies spoke with 5 VFX gurus – all alumni of Escape Studios, Europe’s premier visual effects academy and host of The VFX Festival 2017 – who chose five films which truly broke new ground in 2016. Yahoo Movies UK

Fantastic Beasts: Cinesite reveals impressive VFX breakdown
4 January 2017

The secret of good CGI is not seeing the joins. You only know it’s working when you don’t notice it at all, so when you finally get to see beneath the surface it’s even more impressive. Yahoo Movies UK

Pearson: UK ‘boutique university’ to mesh with company strategy
4 January 2017

Pearson College to mirror firm’s strategic direction in employer engagement and online, rather than compete with universities. TimesHigherEducation

Kate James and Pearson College London feature on CNBC
16 December 2016

Kate James, Chief Corporate Affairs and Global Marketing Officer, featured in an interview with CNBC’s 'Marketing Media Money' show. The interview was filmed within Pearson College London's Midtown campus and Kate discussed Pearson, her role and exciting initiatives going on across the company. CNBC

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them VFX talk by Framestore confirmed for the VFX Festival
14 December 2016

THE VFX FESTIVAL 2017 is thrilled to announce that headliner Framestore will be hosting an exclusive talk on Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. This will be the first time that the VFX effects for the new film have been discussed at length. Live for films

How this VFX short film was created in 72 hours
7 December 2016

We speak to the team behind ‘The last Shuttle’ to learn how they completed the four-minute short. 3DArtist

The Higher Education Paradox: Big Change is Impacting the Sector but "We're Going to be Fine"
25 November 2016

PA Consulting launches the results of its eighth annual survey of higher education leaders. PRNewswire

VFX Festival X Rich Mix scholarship
26 October 2016

For the first time Rich Mix has teamed up with Escape Studios to launch an exclusive scholarship. One budding filmmaker can be in with the chance of bringing characters to life, with the art of animation and storyboarding, on a fully paid scholarship at Escape Studios. Richmix Eastend

How to graduate with a strong CV and no student debt
25 October 2016

The ongoing debate about the reintroduction of grammar schools poses an interesting question about the future of higher education. To what extent should we be dividing students up into ‘academic’ pathways versus ‘practical’ pathways? The Telegraph

What makes a good university in the 21st century?
17 August 2016 

Frances Trought, head of student talent development at Pearson Business School shares her thoughts on what you should look for when choosing a university in 2016.  Daily Telegraph

Clearing is no longer the limbo it used to be - use it to find the right degree for yourself
17 August 2016 

Clearing can now be seen as a chance to make your decision about university, whether you have done better or worse than expected, or simply because you’ve changed your mind about what you want to do.  The Independent

West Midlands businesses hiring more graduates in 2016
8 August 2016 

“While there are encouraging signs of growth in graduate recruitment and the demand for higher-level skills in the West Midlands, it is worrying that firms are finding that many graduates they recruit aren’t properly prepared for the world of work." The Coleshill Post

London businesses are showing increasing concerns that their new graduate recruits aren't up to snuff
5 August 2016 

Figures from a survey by the Confederation of British Industry and education business Pearson in April and May this year show that one in three London businesses upped their graduate recruitment in the past year. City A.M

Business warning over how ready graduates are for the world of work
5 August 2016 

Some 95 per cent of Scottish businesses said the quality of careers advice young people received was not good enough to help them make informed decisions about future career options. Herald Scotland

Pearson College London launches new degree apprenticeship programme
28 July 2016 

Pearson College London has been working on an exciting collaborative programme with major employers in a bid to develop a new degree that incorporates a 4 days-a-week apprenticeship. Training and courses

Graduate Employers Need an Innovative New Way to Find and Develop Talent, Universities Have a Great Opportunity to Deliver This
25 July 2016 

Our higher education system is experiencing a dramatic period of change: higher fees, technological advancements and the impact of Brexit are all shaping the sector into something unrecognisable to people who went to university only a decade or so ago. Huffington Post

Escape Studios Game Jam 2016: As It Happened
22 June 2016 

We sit down with the winning team from Escape Studios’ inaugural game development event. 3d Artist

Escape Studios hosting first game jam this month
6 June 2016 

Escape Studios is hosting its very first game jam later this month, giving graduates and aspiring games makers the chance to win a selection of development hardware and a course in games art. Develop

Will likes of Google and Facebook really offer degrees in the UK?
23 May 2016 

Experts mull over Jo Johnson’s aim to open sector to foreign companies and universities. Times Higher Education

Mature graduates earn more and have better job prospects than their younger classmates
12 May 2016 

A study of official Higher Education Statistics Agency (Hesa) data has found mature grads of undergraduate degrees earn, on average, 25 per cent - or almost £4,400 a year - more than those graduating under 25. The Independent

Are the VFX, gaming and animation industries really converging?
5 May 2016 

For the last few years there has been an on-going debate as to whether there has been a convergence or a further fragmentation across the creative industries. Televisual

Are studio blockbusters advancing the CG industry?
14 April 2016 

Dr Ian Palmer of Escape Studios reveals how CG developments in the multiplexes can trickle down to your home set-up. Creative Bloq

The Secret to Creating Star Wars' Snoke and Maz Kanata
17 March 2016 

London played host to Escape Studio's VFX Festival 2016 and some alumni from ILM were there, including Scott Pritchard, a 2D sequence supervisor, who discussedILM London's work on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The Creators Project

How London Leads The World In Movie Visual Effects
12 March 2016 

It's 4am on 29 February and a drunken team of visual effects artists are staggering around Soho's Ham Yard Hotel practically in tears. They've just found out that their work on the film Ex Machina has garnered an Oscar. Londonist

Studying Movie Magic At Visual Effects School
11 March 2016 

Swipe has been to Escape Studios in west London: one of the places that helps students learn to become the next Sara Bennett, Paul Norris, Mark Williams Ardington and Andrew Whitehurst. Sky News

ILM Reveals Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Most Complicated Visual Effects
10 March 2016 

We spoke to Scott following his presentation at Escape Studios’ 2016 VFX Festivalwhere we talked more about what made that particular shot so complicated, the challenges posed by Snoke and Maz, and the hidden VFX you never spotted in the film’s iconic final scene. Yahoo Movies

How to give graduates the skills needed to drive tech sector forward
7 March 2016 

Tara Saunders is studio art director at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, London Studio. In this article, she explores how those in digital industries can help create a bigger and better talent pool. Tech City News

From Lion King to Harry Potter: tips for making a career in film animation
1 March 2016 

Animator Alex Williams on his work, London’s VFX industry and what it takes to make it big in the movies. The Guardian

What is it like to work as a special effects compositor?
29 February 2016 

Working on big films is exciting, even if you are sitting in a studio in Soho all day. The Independent

VR Course Launched by Escape Studios
1 February 2016 

To capitalise on the growing popularity Escape Studios, a VFX academy, part of Pearson College London has announced the launch of a VR course titled 360 VR – From Shoot to Headset in 1 Week. VR Focus

Learn how ILM created Star Wars' visual effects
18 January 2016 

Escape Studios have snagged London’s O2 to host their exciting array of film screenings, panel discussions and keynote lectures from giants across the British film industry. Digital Arts

VR and AR Featuring at The VFX Festival 2016 in February
18 January 2016 

Developed by Escape Studios, part of Pearson College London, in 2013, The VFX Festival will run from Tuesday 23rd – Thursday 25th February 2016, at London’s iconic O2. Tickets and further details can be found at VR Focus

Students at odds with government over measuring teaching quality
7 January 2016 

Poll of undergraduates ranks ministers’ proposed TEF metric lowest among potential indicators. The Independent

Win VFX Festival 2016 Tickets
1 January 2016 

Presented by Escape Studios, part of Pearson College London, The VFX Festival 2016, is excited to giveaway 2 pairs of tickets to this year€™s event which will bring the best in VFX, games, animation and motion graphics from February 23rd - 25th 2016 at London's iconic O2. WhatCulture