Pearson Business School scholarships

We want to make sure that talented students with potential can succeed on our degrees, regardless of their financial situation which is why we offer a great range of scholarships.

All scholarships are provided as a tuition fee waiver and any offer will be conditional on you accepting us as ‘Conditional Firm’ or ‘Unconditional Firm’ through UCAS.

The scholarships

We have three scholarships available to exceptional applicants who excel in being innovative both inside and outside of school, college or work, who collaborate and encourage teamwork and who have an entrepreneurial mindset.

One recipient for each scholarship will receive the first year of their tuition fees paid in full.

Scholarship for Entrepreneurship

Scholarship for Industry Engagement

Scholarship for Innovation

CIMA Accounting Scholarship

 How to apply

All students who apply for a Pearson Business School degree (in Business, Law, Marketing or Accounting*) and attend and pass a Professional Workshop by the 28th February 2018 will automatically be considered for a scholarship (there is no need to apply seperately).

*Please note that only BSc/MSci Professional Accounting in Business applicants will be considered for the CIMA Accounting Scholarship.

The selection process

Based on students' performance at the Professional Workshop, three students will be shortlisted (per scholarship) and will be considered based on the following criteria:

  • Their personal statement
  • Their ability to work in a team
  • Their communications skills
  • Their ability to excel on the degree programme


Shortlisting will take place in March 2018 and the shortlisted students will be asked to write a 500 word blog* about a future development for Pearson Business School relating to either entrepreneurship, innovation or industry engagement. This will be judged by The Access Platform, the EdTech start-up company who are taking part in our Incubator Project.  Three winners will be selected by the end of March.

*The blog submission will be used for internal and external marketing activity

Get in touch

If you have any queries regarding these scholarships, you can contact the enquiries team via:

Telephone: +44 (0) 203 441 1303