Alumni Association

Even after you've graduated, we'll be there to support you throughout your career and help you stay connected to all the amazing people you have met along the way.

You'll become part of a network of bright, creative and entrepreneurial Graduates who have shared the Pearson Business School experience. As part of this community we’ll give you access to exclusive benefits and services, long after you've graduated.

We're a really close-knit community and we welcome alumni back to the College for social events, professional lectures and alumni get-togethers. You may even encounter some of our most successful alumni giving guest lectures or being employer hosts!

Benefits in detail

Career Support and Professional Development

Whether you're looking to get that promotion or for a whole new career, as a member of the Alumni Association we offer career support and development opportunities. 

The 8th Day Scheme

What would you do if you had an 8th day to the week? We have some exciting projects to get involved in, or perhaps you have one you’d like to recruit for?

Talent Development Centre

With some great tools and materials to support you in nailing that first interview, learning management styles or finding out about new industries through events or articles, our TD Centre is the place to be! 

LinkedIn Group

Stay part of our community with our LinkedIn group

Jobs Online

Access graduate vacancies via the Talent Development Centre. We often post vacancies where the recruiters are our very own alumni! 

Online Portal

Keep access to Pearson College London Portal for 12 months after your course ends. You can still access things like the Library for any academic resources you may want to check out for 3 months.

Email Address

Keep your Pearson College London email for 12 months after your course ends. 

Industry and Networking Events

Come along to a variety of different events throughout the year across a number of sectors! Look out for notifications from the Talent Development Centre or your emails.

Centre for Industry Engagement

Join the debate as we flesh out some of the most interesting topics the Higher Education sector face.


So that you can continue life-long learning and progression, we offer a 10% discount on full and part-time postgraduate or short course course tuition fees. Terms and Conditions apply. 

Alumni Extra 

Through Alumni Extras you have access to thousands of discounts and privileges from brand name companies to high street and everything in between! 

This is on a sign-up basis through their website. 

Event Tickets

We share tickets to upcoming external events i.e. ExCel, Eventbrite, Careers Group

Informal Events

With informal meetups and social events that could lead to a career opportunity or just a chance to catch up with old friends, it's important to remain connected. Be sure to get your name down to these events so you can reunite with old friends and relive some of the fun! 

Impart your Knowledge

Come back and share your wisdom! Appear as a guest lecturer, hold workshops, attend events and share your experiences

Degree Concept Teams

Support us in developing the next great thing!

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