Florence Stanton, Digital Programme Advisor, Shell

How did studying at Pearson College London help you get into the world of business?

Learning from great people that have experience in their respective industries allowed me to develop real knowledge of how businesses operate (this often came in the form of anecdotes about colleagues and parties). The industry days were great to gain insight into the potential roles and variety of jobs and organisations that are out there!

Where have you gone on to work and what is your role?

I currently work at Shell as a Digital Programmes Advisor (sort of a combination of a digital project manager role and a strategy advisor role)

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on a huge variety of projects, from global Instagram strategy to chatbot implementation to email marketing guidelines. All super interesting and there’s never a chance to get bored. There are so many opportunities to join projects within my team and beyond it, and there are often pieces of work that I’ll complete that form part of larger Shell projects.

What lessons have you learnt during your time studying and your time working in business?

Studying business gave me a great foundation into the basics of marketing. Coming in with an understanding of basic marketing principles meant that I had a baseline to build from. However, the soft skills learnt throughout my degree, such as presenting, time management, communication and confidence were far more vital when going through the application process for grad programmes. I’ve learnt so much from being in the workplace about marketing and digital, as well as broader things like corporate culture and how to develop your intuition in ways of working with such a wide variety of people.

What was your favourite part of studying at Pearson College London?

We were afforded so many opportunities to actively participate in a variety of events, including networking and industry days, which I feel really helped me gain confidence and understanding within large organisations. Also, the support I had when working part time in fashion/recruitment was vital for my development, and is what allowed me to get into my job at Shell!

What advice would you give to students looking to start a career within the business industry?

Take every opportunity given to you, and then search for more. To get ahead of the competition you have to be willing to take risks and put yourself out there. The art of blagging (but never lying) is invaluable. Learn who you are and where your talents lie and build on them, whilst working on your biggest weaknesses and never underestimate the importance of confidence (although again, this may be something you have to blag for a while if you’re anything like me.

What's your favourite brand and why?

Am I meant to say Shell? Although they are the only brand I actually follow on Instagram!

I do have a love of Nike and Mothercare as a result of their latest female driven ad campaigns. And I think my love of brands changes rapidly as a direct result of their external communications and marketing.

The industry days were great to gain insight into the potential roles and variety of jobs and organisations that are out there!

Florence Stanton, Digital Programme Advisor, Shell