Kevin Nyatoro, Business Intelligence Data Analytics Consultant

How did studying at Pearson College London help you get into the world of business?

My internships which happened because of Pearson College London set me off on the right path to where I am today. Pearson College London does this wonderful thing of helping you realise you can be more. They offer you challenges, tools to face those challenges and show you how to make the first step. At times it took me longer to realise opportunities, at times I needed a few tries at something; instead of a floodlight, a few well placed candles offered choices and the reassurance to know if you needed advice, it was on hand but not forced. 

What are you working on at the moment?

For two years, I worked at Microsoft as a Sales Excellence Business Analyst; I use the term Business Analyst, but this means various things in many different companies. Succinctly I support the senior leadership team in the decision-making process and ensure as a team we meet our objectives.

Moving on from Microsoft I entered the consulting world. Any one of the students I worked with will tell you this was the dream, and it still is. I started working for an investment bank as a data expert primarily tasked with building reports and guiding the integration and adoption of new tools such as power-bi. Over the past year I have worked on numerous projects with different clients, at varying proficiency levels. My Job offers me growth opportunities, everyday an opportunity to learn something and consolidate on past lessons. It has areas of collaboration, and areas to showcase individual contribution without ever feeling alone. This means you get celebrated for your individual contributions but the support network is such that you win or fail as a team.

Pearson College London Graduation 2015

What lessons have you learnt during your time studying and your time working in business?

During my time studying I learnt at times doors will open not from your own strength but that of others around you and it's your job to walk through and make the most of those opportunities. Whilst studying and in the business world I learnt that you have to compete, sometimes with friends sometimes with the world, it is life and it is okay. We can't shy away from challenges and to move forward we have to have that self belief. We are greater than we think and often can do more than we know; take the opportunity, always, to do something new, learn always, and growth will come. In short we all start somewhere, in most cases the realised strategy prevails over the intended strategy. The trick is to start...

What was your favourite part of studying at Pearson College London?

The collaboration amongst students, even now we still have a close network cheering each other on in our different ventures. The freedom and support given to help you find yourself, with all the tools (books and learning resources) readily available.

If you had to sum up your time at Pearson College London in one word, what would it be and why?

Beacon - it's the guidance that's constantly there, prepares you for things to come, not just in work but in life.

Pearson College London Graduation 2015

What's your favourite brand and why?

Microsoft - their range of platforms and productivity services are aimed at helping others to be moresuccessful, its about empowering everyone to realise their goals and push boundaries. I believe in their mission statement ‘to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more’, I have used many of their products whilst growing up. Their O365 range now affords me the ability to access my files and documents whilst connected to a PC or Mobile device anywhere in the world as long as I have an internet connection, this is amazing.

What course did you study?

Business and Enterprise

Pearson College London does this wonderful thing of helping you realise you can be more. They offer you challenges, tools to face those challenges and show you how to make the first step.

Kevin Nyatoro, Business Inteligence Data Analytics Consultant