Talia Grantham - COO of Bright/Shift

From both studying and working in business, I’ve been exposed to industries, 
jobs and ideas that I had no knowledge of before.

talia grantham

How did studying at Pearson College London help you get into the world of business?

The industry events held by Pearson College London expanded my professional network massively, allowing me to build fruitful connections that have led on to some incredible professional relations, but also to job opportunities and experiences. 

Where have you gone on to work and what is your role?

I’ve been working at Bright/Shift alongside university since June 2019, and am currently the Chief Operating Officer of the company.   

What are you working on at the moment?

Working for a startup, I’m currently juggling a couple of different workstreams at the moment; managing our 11 client projects, owning the hiring strategy and onboarding process for new employees (we’ve just made our first full time hire as a company), managing the project management team and owning the high level operational strategy.   Something exciting I’m working on at the moment is streamlining our operational strategy, taking a birds eye view of how we construct and manage our projects and understanding the incremental changes we can execute to make our projects run more efficiently/successfully, allowing us to form a foundation that can be scaled rapidly in 2021.  

What do you enjoy most about working for Bright/Shift?

The variety and excitement. Working in a startup by default creates variety in your days/weeks; no two days are the same. Whilst this can be challenging and stressful, it’s also very rewarding, providing a great environment to learn in every day. I’m lucky enough to work with some incredible people with diverse background and experience  

What lessons have you learnt during your time studying and your time working in business?

Deciding ‘what you want to do’ with your life in definite detail can be stressful and counterintuitive. From both studying and working in business, I’ve been exposed to industries, jobs and ideas that I had no knowledge of before, simulating that you really ‘don’t know what you don’t know’. The best thing I learnt from this is to both keep your mindset open to new opportunities as you could stumble upon something you love, and be comfortable with the fact ‘what you want to do’ is going to shift with your own learnings and as the business environment around you changes. 

What was your favourite part of studying at Pearson College London?

100% the people I met, both personally and professionally!  

If you had to sum up your time at Pearson College London in one word, what would it be and why?


What advice would you give to students looking to start a career within the business industry?

‘Never stop learning’ and ‘naivety can be a massive asset to a company’. Regardless of how much experience you have, whether its 1 year or 20 years, you should still be focused on learning; that’s the only way to continue to grow alongside the constantly changing business environments that we exist in. Also never underestimate the power of naivety in a company; we’ve found at bright/shift ‘inexperience’ can soon be flipped into ‘a fresh set of eyes’, something that can have be a huge benefit in tacklingcomplacency within companies.  

What's your favourite brand and why?

Typical answer but one of them at the moment is Netflix. Not only is it something I use every day, but I really like the boundaries they’re currently pushing in terms of marketing specifically on twitter.