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Over a six week period, Business Management students will be given the opportunity to learn experientially in order to gain real-world understanding of the questions posed and challenges faced when starting and running a business.

They'll be asked to meet certain minimum requirements within their weekly activities and will work on behalf of a charity of their choice in order to raise funds. How they go about raising funds and which charity they choose to work on behalf of will be determined by each group independently, though they will be advised of the difficulties that exist in working with larger charities.

Find out how they're getting on below!

Rod Brazier
Programme Leader, Business Management

  • Week 6 by Katherine Everest

    As we have received lectures about the fundamentals of running a business, this week was focused on how we are putting our plans into action. This stems from the 'Hackathon' we conducted last week and reinforced the routes for promotion.

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  • Week 5 by Katherine Everest

    The main focus for this week was promotion, specifically through social media. Eric Stroller talked to us about how he used social media in order to raise funds for charities. It was an inspiring lecture. He highlighted the importance of telling a story - why should people donate money, or buy a product? This meant that we really had to understand our target market inside and out - which mediums would they most likely use and share content?

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  • Week 4 by Katherine Everest

    This week's focus was on selling, we form a selling strategy and create a plan for handling negotiations. This is applicable to all businesses and teams and are key skills and knowledge for individuals.

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  • Principles of Business blog - Meet Team Minerva

    Tell us all about Team Minerva

    We’re a group of four females whom have called our team ‘Minerva’. Minerva is the goddess of strategy, wisdom, education, the city and science, so our business will be providing wisdom, education and strategy to small charities and community causes. We chose the name as we wanted to pay homage to the fact that we are a female only team and decided to research goddess'. The four of us are based in different areas of the country, with two based in Surrey.

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  • Week 5 by Nicola Hatfield

    The lectures in week 5 took a look at how best to promote a business, and came with it some shocking statistics – everyday 150 million people engage with Instagram stories! It’s interesting to consider who your target audience is too. For example, when targeting at younger people social media is clearly the largest platform, however this would have to be considered when marketing to older people, and deciding which would be the best platform to market on would be an important decision!

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  • Week 4 by Nicola Hatfield

    Entering week 4, everyone’s fundraising proposals are beginning to take shape. Some people are selling merchandise, others are hosting events, and some are promoting their chosen charities through social media challenges.

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