Over a six week period, Business Management students will be given the opportunity to learn experientially in order to gain real-world understanding of the questions posed and challenges faced when starting and running a business.

They'll be asked to meet certain minimum requirements within their weekly activities and will work on behalf of a charity of their choice in order to raise funds. How they go about raising funds and which charity they choose to work on behalf of will be determined by each group independently, though they will be advised of the difficulties that exist in working with larger charities.

Find out how they're getting on below!

Rod Brazier
Programme Leader, Business Management

  • Week 4 by Nicola Hatfield

    Entering week 4, everyone’s fundraising proposals are beginning to take shape. Some people are selling merchandise, others are hosting events, and some are promoting their chosen charities through social media challenges.

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  • Week 3 by Katherine Everest

    The major challenges for this week were trying to agree on the format for the recipe book, and to ensure that we are sticking to our target market. We have decided to create a 'build your own' cookbook, in which you start with a base (rice, potatoes, pasta, bread, etc.) and build your meals from there.

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  • Week 3 by Nicola Hatfield

    Throughout week 3, we needed to think about finance and whether our plans to fundraise would actually be profitable. Our group have had many ideas, but all seem to have had some reason why they wouldn’t work due to funds. However, I am pleased to say we now have a name that we are allowed to use, and a plan to raise money without putting pressure on ourselves for finance.

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  • Week 2 by Katherine Everest

    This week has been really good, the team really has worked together to get things started. 

    It was interesting to write the business structure report and arguing for and against our chosen business structure. It was also fun to think of a name for our business which is catchy and relevant, but hasn’t been taken. This has been a challenging but fun part of this project. We had to change our initial company name 'United for Change' to 'Healthy Happy Days' as the company name was taken, and it also aligned with our objectives.

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  • Week 2 by Nicola Hatfield

    During week 2 of our assessment, we were to focus on the legal aspect of setting up and running our own organisation. After an insightful lecture, we knew what the key things were that we would need to focus on, and we began to think about the structure that our organisation would take.

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  • Week 1 by Katherine Everest

    Our team has chosen to run our company in support of the charity Magic Breakfast, which ensures that no child is too hungry to learn. They provide healthy breakfast food and expert support to schools in the UK. The product my team has decided to create is a cookbook, with healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which can be made on a budget.

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