Week 1 by Katherine Everest

Our team has chosen to run our company in support of the charity Magic Breakfast, which ensures that no child is too hungry to learn. They provide healthy breakfast food and expert support to schools in the UK. The product my team has decided to create is a cookbook, with healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which can be made on a budget.

Once we decided on what our product or service would be, we designated roles to each member - finance, project manager, marketing, operations and communications. From here we gave each member a section of the business plan to complete, which aligned with their role, and any actions which needed to be completed.

We had a catch-up meeting on Tuesday evening to discuss the progress and any issues which may have arisen since our last meeting. From this we decided that we would have a minimum of two meetings a week to ensure that everything and everyone is on track. I am really excited about this project as it means that we have to think creatively in order to get our product to production and with content creation. It also means we have to be creative in forging connections and relationships with both the charity we are working with and everyone involved in the creation of the product. The team is really starting to get the ball rolling and I am really excited about this project.