Degree Apprenticeships

Get a degree that works

Discover a new route into higher education. A degree apprenticeship could give you a head start, allowing you to combine university study with practical skills gained in the workplace and the security of a regular salary.

We recruit for degree apprentices all year round. We offer fantastic opportunities to work with leading companies, earn a salary and have your university tuition fees paid in full! Apply for our latest apprenticeship schemes below or sign up to join our vacancy alerts email list.

Our Degree Apprenticeship programmes

We offer a range of degree apprenticeship programmes.

International Rotational Degree Apprenticeship

Millwall FC Degree Apprenticeship

Red Carnation Hotel Degree Apprenticeship

Pearson Degree Apprenticeship

Rotational Degree Apprenticeship

BBC Degree Apprenticeship

L'Oréal Degree Apprenticeship

Moorfields Degree Apprenticeship

Mondelez Degree Apprenticeship

Our industry partners

Our Degree Apprenticeships offer access to incredible workplaces. Some of the employer partners we work with include corporate giants such as L'OréalTesco, Transport for London (TfL), Unilever, Direct Line Group, IBM, WPP’s Ogilvy and Pearson.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of a Degree Apprenticeship over a traditional degree?

How do I know if a Degree Apprenticeship is right for me?

Where will I work on my Degree Apprenticeship?

Will I be matched with an employer or do I have to find my own work?

What are the entry requirements?

How do I apply?

I'm an employer, where can I find out more about Degree Apprenticeships?

Where can I live?

How does the study leave work?

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Meet our degree apprentices

Learn a little more about some of our current degree apprentices.