Jasmine Maltby

Tell us a little bit about you?

My name is Jasmine Maltby, I am 19 from East Sussex. I currently live at home with my family and commute each day. I studied A-Levels at Bennett Memorial and worked in retail since I was 14. I decided after 6th form that I wanted to further my education and obtain a degree so began looking for alternative ways to gain one without going to university.

What are you studying?

BA (Hons) Business Management

Where are you working?

I am currently working at Pearson College London as a Student Experience Coordinator.

Why did you choose a Degree Apprenticeship?

I always had the intention of finishing school and continuing my career in full time work; however I became aware of alternative ways to gain a degree without studying a traditional course. Therefore the degree apprenticeship route provided me with the unparalleled experience of continuing my learning whilst gaining valuable work experience. 

What have you enjoyed most about your course?

I enjoy the variety of work I do in my day to day job as well as all the support I receive from various personal, academic and senior mentors around me.

What have you learnt so far during your work placement?

During my placement, I have gained a wider insight into event planning. I have had multiple opportunities to get involved with events and shadow various staff member both within Pearson College London but also by visiting Welbeck MOD Sixth Form.

I have also learnt a lot about myself e.g. how I best study and manage my time. One of the best ways for me to organise my time is to keep a diary and number my tasks in order of priority!

How has your placement helped you with your studies?

Both my job and studies work hand in hand to expand my knowledge. My studies directly relate to the current work I am doing therefore when doing course work I can bring in practical examples of my own job and write about them.

Do you have any advice for anyone applying for a degree apprenticeship?

Be self disciplined as if is a lot to manage, especially your time!