Matilda Pinn

Tell us a little bit about you?

My name is Matilda, I’m 18 years old and I am in my first year of my degree apprenticeship. I recently completed studying for my A Levels and applied for a degree apprenticeship as I loved the idea of being able to gain both a degree and three years’ worth of work experience at the same time.

What are you studying?

BA (Hons) Business Management

Where are you working?

I work in the External Relations department in Pearson College London as an Events Assistant within the Student Recruitment team.

Why did you choose a Degree Apprenticeship?

After having worked part time throughout my A Levels, I learnt to love the working environment and this was not something that I wished to give up in order to study for a degree. Having the opportunity to work within the industry I am interested in and still gain a full degree meant a degree apprenticeship was a perfect opportunity for me!

What have you enjoyed most about your course?

I enjoy being able to talk to other degree apprentices from a variety of companies and learn about the different experiences they have regarding different business topics. Also, being able to complete modules that give me the opportunity to research a topic related to my current job provides a perfect link throughout the degree apprenticeship.

What have you learnt so far during your work placement?

During my work placement, I have learnt about the processes that are taken to plan for many different styles of events that the college runs, including open days and workshops. I have also been trained on enquiries giving me the opportunity to use salesforce, live chat and fee lconfident answering the phones for the undergraduate enquiries team.

How has your placement helped you with your studies?

I have been able to use my job to help develop topics to research which will also help provide information to the college about a specific topic.

Do you have any advice for anyone applying for a degree apprenticeship?

This is an amazing opportunity, but do not underestimate what you are taking on!